profitable internet tourism marketing 101 how to attract prospects convert them into customers n.
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Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing 101 How to Attract Prospects & Convert Them Into Customers PowerPoint Presentation
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Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing 101 How to Attract Prospects & Convert Them Into Customers

Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing 101 How to Attract Prospects & Convert Them Into Customers

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Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing 101 How to Attract Prospects & Convert Them Into Customers

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  1. Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing 101 How to Attract Prospects & Convert Them Into Customers

  2. Super Objective • More in-depth top tips and tools that can absolutely increase your: • Prospects • Web Traffic • Sales Conversion • Arrivals • Lower your Marketing Cost • Improve your Quality of Life as a Tourism Professional Tim Warren© 2007

  3. Tourism Marketing Successwith Technology Some of Top Marketing Tools and Strategies Now Being Used to Increase Prospect, Sales and Arrivals • Search Engine Ranking Success • Secret Pay per Click Strategies • How to Earn Free Publicity with Online Articles • Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers with E-mail Marketing • Online Audio, Video & Podcasts • Online Distribution & Reservations Tim Warren© 2007

  4. Marketing Tourism with TechnologyE-marketing Resources & Links • For all the software and online systems we will cover, find the resource links with special bonus tourism audio training at: • • Tim Warren© 2007

  5. Travel Promotions & Technology Survey • How many of you get you’re the majority of new prospects Online? • What methods are you using? • SEO? PPC? Directory listings? Articles? Podcast? Other? • If you are NOT Strongly Online - You Are Not In the Game Tim Warren© 2007

  6. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 6 Core Elements to Earn Ranking: • Relevant key word rich URL • Key word page title that supports your theme • Key word phrase list that supports your theme • Brief Description: the most important summary you’ll ever write • Regularly updated & theme specific content • LINK POPULARITY - Super Important • Inbound Links Rich In Your Key Word Phrases Tim Warren© 2007

  7. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 1: Relevant Key Word rich URL • Key Words & Phrases that Summarize your Theme • Dashes between words can help ranking • .Com, .Net, .Info, .Travel not as important as key word centric URL (but .com and .net still rule…) • Get the dashed, un-dashed, .com & .net version of a good key word rich URL when you can. • Virtual real estate as low as $7.99 per URL, plus you can inhibit your competition… • (all the resource link) • • • • • • • Tim Warren© 2007

  8. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 2: Key Word Page Title That Supports Your Theme • Page title are the words across the top of your browser window • 8 - 12 key words total per page is ideal • You can entirely different page titles and themes on interior pages Sample Index Page Titles • Alaska Dog Sledding: Alaska Adventure Travel and Dog Mushing Trips • Alaska Salmon Fishing & Alaska Fishing Lodge Tim Warren© 2007

  9. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 3: Key Word Phrase List That Supports Your Theme • Keep the key word list specific, short and inclusive of the whole page theme, page title, content, brief description • To see your key word list of any page, open the “view” title in your browser, and click on the word “Page Source” Samples • alaska fishing,salmon fishing,alaska fishing lodge,alaska salmon fishing,alaska fly fishing,alaska fishing tour • alaska adventure travel,dog sledding,dog mushing,alaska travel,iditarod,mushing,Alaska dog mushing,Mushing tours,dog sled treks,dog sled training,sled dog tours,sleding,travel alaska,alaska vacations,adventure trips,adventure vacation Tim Warren© 2007

  10. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 4: Brief Description: The Most Important Summary You’ll Ever Write • Needs to be Key Word Specific • Should be 12 - 18 words long total • Sell the web site, stand out from the crowd • Credibility, experience, awards, # of years Tim Warren© 2007

  11. Tim Warren© 2007

  12. Tim Warren© 2007

  13. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 5: Relevant Theme-Specific & Updated Content • If you put too many key word phrases /themes in 1 site, you could dilute your relevancy and loose out • For competitive environments, focus on only 2 - 3 key word phrases for the home page • Interior pages 2 - 3 key words/themes each • Ideal “Key Word Density” is 2% - 4% of the pages words. I use Headlines and Sub-headlines to maximize density and theme Tim Warren© 2007

  14. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 5: Regularly Updated Theme Specific Content • Search engines love relevant content that is updated regularly • The more frequently you update content, the more frequently your website is “Spidered” = indexed by search engines • Blog software like “Wordpress” are a good way to add content easy and fast. • Also good for visitor comments and bulletin boards, announcements Tim Warren© 2007

  15. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking 6: LINK POPULARITY - NowSuper Important with Google • Inbound Links Rich In Your Key Word Phrases • Example of my key word rich link title: Tourism Marketing, Travel Business, Hospitality Marketing • More Inbound links = Higher ranking • Reciprocal links now SHOULD NOT be more than 15% • Get more inbound links from: • Paid & Free Directory listings - (See Travel Portal Directory) • Membership sites (get your chamber members to link to you) • Online Article Publishing can give you HUGE numbers of inbound links! Tim Warren© 2007

  16. Tim Warren© 2007

  17. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking How to Evaluate a Winning SEO Company? • Have them give you a list of competitive Travel-Related phrases and URL’s the have earned top ranking on • Check out ranking in Google yourself. Are they on page 1 or 2? • Will they do an in-depth analysis of you and your competition in advance to determine best ROI? • Do they give you a monthly progress report? • To earn and keep Top Search Engine Ranking, it is an ONGOING effort. • Can be the profitable tourism promotions you will ever do! Tim Warren© 2007

  18. Tim Warren© 2007

  19. Tim Warren© 2007

  20. Earn & KEEP Top Search Engine Ranking Do It For You Resources • Position Research • Position Research will do an in depth website and competitive analysis for qualified referrals from me at no charge - a $1,100 value. • New customers also get personal coaching from me on your SEO and web marketing Do It For Yourself Internet Marketing Resources • Web trends • Free 30-day trial •$5.99 domains, Low Cost Hosting & Web traffic building tools with 1 and Tim Warren© 2007

  21. Pay Per Click (PPC): Sponsored Ads • Fast, Targeted, Simple • Set up an account in Google AdWords in less then 1 hour • Great for a “bridge strategy” till your SEO campaign kicks in and to pursue less competitive phrases • Also offered by Yahoo, MSN and other smaller private advertising companies • Your cost is equal to: • The competition for your phrase • Position on the Page • Click Through Rate Tim Warren© 2007

  22. Pay Per Click: Sponsored Ads BIG FAT WARNING • You can waste a lot of money, real fast if you don’t do it right Top Tips for Best ROI in PPC • Do not pay for #1 position, best ROI for click thru rate (CTR) is 3 - 5 • Do not run ads in “Content Network”, very poor CTR and conversion rate Tim Warren© 2007

  23. Pay Per Click: Sponsored Ads • Always run two ads for every key word phrase (Split testing) to find out highest CTR • Google AdWords rewards you with lower cost per click (CPC) if you have a higher CTR Tim Warren© 2007

  24. Pay Per Click: Sponsored Ads • (Split testing) also helps find out what marketing message or offer yields highest response rate for pennies! • After 30 click-throughs you have definitive test results • Use your best Adwords split tested ads in all your marketing communications Tim Warren© 2007

  25. Pay Per Click - AdWords Success Resources • Free 5-day Google Advertising Mini-Course • • Free Google Travel Advertising Success - Audio Seminar • Google AdWords Guru Perry Marshall & Tim Warren • 90 minutes of PPC tips and advice for advertising travel successfully • Tim Warren© 2007

  26. E-mail Marketing & Management How to Turn Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers Over Time • Start Capturing & Managing Prospects E-mail NOW • I recommend a “ Win a Trip” sign up link near the top, left hand corner of your page to increase opt-in’s • Build Relationships Over Time Automatically • Connect with your prospects regularly with helpful, useful information, specials and last minute deals • Use these regular E-mail contacts as opportunities to tell your story and get your clients to do your selling for you Tim Warren© 2007

  27. Things You Want in aE-mail Marketing & Management System • Send Unlimited Follow-ups Automatically • Different auto responders • Newsletter Templates • Multiple database options • Easy of us • Free tech support • High deliverability Resources • (Aweber) • ( 1 and 1) Tim Warren© 2007

  28. How to Get Free Editorial Coverage & Quality Inbound Links Too! Publish Articles Online for Free • Educate and inform prospects • Develop experts status and relationship • Free Quality Traffic • Over 50% of my 10,000 unique monthly visitors are no longer from search engines • Article Syndication = TONS of InboundLinks Tim Warren© 2007

  29. Tim Warren© 2007

  30. 5,396 Viewers & Republished Articles 229 Times - in 14 months Tim Warren© 2007

  31. With Consumer-Oriented Topics, You Could Easily Earn 100 Times the Links and Readers How Many New links, Readers and Qualified Prospects Could You Earn, if You Could Republish Your Articles and Tips in 7 Other High Traffic Article Directories Too? New Online Article Publishing Mini-Course • In-depth Article Directory Table to Help You Keep Track of Your Articles • Step by Step Users Guide • 2 Audio Courses on Publishing Articles and Link Popularity • Ongoing Support via E-mail and Tele-Training Order Here: Tim Warren© 2007

  32. Online Audio, Video & Podcasts to Successfully Promote Travel • Get your clients selling for you with audio and video on your website, e-mail news, on hold messages and more! • Use the new world of Podcasts to create your own “Global Radio Station” • 3 Parts to Successfully Produce, Promote & Distribute • Produce you audio or video files for publication • Upload your audio and video • Promote your business or destination through online distribution. Tim Warren© 2007

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  35. The Best Solutions Allow You To Do All 3 Easily and For 1 Low Cost 1 & 2 Produce & Upload Your Audio or Video Files for Publication Record and upload files Record via telephone, yourself or testimonials Record via computer microphone Record by voice talent Successfully Produce & Upload Online Audio, Video & Podcasts Tim Warren© 2007

  36. 3: Promote your business or destination through your website, E-mail and Podcasts Podcasts are the fastest, easiest & most profitable strategy to create new relationship, awareness for your destination highlights, share expertise and drive new customers to your website - since websites Distribute Online Audio, Video & Podcasts Tim Warren© 2007

  37. Write an short descriptive and compelling “intro” and “outro” Record yourself or with voice talent w/music (recommended) Create a Professional Podcast Graphic (recommended) Syndicated Globally Online with 1 Click The Solution I Use and Recommend for Online audio & video Testimonials and PODCAST creation, promotion and publication For 1 Low Cost 4 Parts to Produce, Promote & Distribute Your Podcast Successfully Tim Warren© 2007

  38. Let’s Create a New Travel/Hospitality Podcasts Together Right Now - You have 5 minutes Get Into Groups of 4 - 6 with People You DO NOT KNOW Introduce Yourself and Who You Are With QUICKLY Create 1 or 2 Different Podcast Titles with Sub-Titles 1 - 2 Descriptive, Compelling Sentences for Your Podcast Intro Who Else Want Your Own Global Radio Station for FREE? Tim Warren© 2007

  39. “If technology is not easy to use and apply, you will not do it and will not benefit from it.” Tim Pick a Podcast Winner Tim Warren© 2007

  40. Allow for real-time reservations and inventory management Desktop and Online Systems Can be used for one or multiple businesses or as a “regional” or activity/sport themed “Travel Portal” Online Reservation & Distribution Systems for Lodge, CVB/Chambers Destinations & Tour Operators Tim Warren© 2007

  41. Increase Sales Guaranteed because it allows customers to book 24/7 Increases sales because Lodge A can book for tour operator B, CVB’s can book for both Increase sales because travel agents can sell for you Increase exposure and distribution worldwide through the Global Distribution System Create regional or activity-oriented Travel PORTALS for more distribution, sales and profits Online Reservation & Distribution Systems for Lodge, CVB/Chambers Destinations & Tour Operators Tim Warren© 2007

  42. Booking Small to Medium lodge, B&B, Hotels, CVB's & DMO's Property management software since 1991 with over 3,000 using the system worldwide Web browser Management System Local & Global Distribution Free Demo Software Put my name: “Tim Warren” into form and receive up to 20% off and a free copy of my book, Tourism Marketing Success with your purchase Up to a $300 value Online Reservation & Distribution Systems for Lodges, CVB/Chambers & Destinations Tim Warren© 2007

  43. Adventureengine: Since 2004 adventure tour operators providing reservation and distribution solutions to Short & long tours Can be integrated with lodging Outfitters, Tour Operators, Guides Use this URL link above, put my name: “Tim Warren” into form and receive 25% off and a 1 free month in my “Travel Business Success Club”, with your account activation and live posting of trips Up to a $500 value Online Reservation & Distribution Systems for Adventure, Nature, Eco, Active Travel Providers Tim Warren© 2007

  44. “Living the Dream”Secrets to Winning in the Travel BusinessPrize Drawing Learn the Secrets of Successful & Award Winning Travel & Hospitality Pro’s to Multiply Profits, Save You Time and Avoid Costly Mistakes to Help You Succeed Two New Living the Dream Interviews Released Monthly • Kevin Warren, Baja AirVentures: Multi-Activity, Soft Eco-Adventures & Lodge since ‘89 • Jerry Austin, Austin’s Alaska Adventures: Fishing Lodge, Hunting Outfitter & Dog Mushing Tours with Iditarod Charter Hall of Fame Inductee For downloadable Audios and CD’s: Tim Warren© 2007

  45. What are your BIG IDEAS your are going to apply?Is this a little confusing? Overwhelmed?Need a little Help? What we covered today and tomorrow will be part of what we will help you succeed with in the “Travel Business Success Club” - Opening 2007 Tim Warren© 2007

  46. Profitable Internet & Tourism Marketing Part IIHow to Attract More Prospects & Convert Them Into ProfitsWednesday @ 8:30AM Tim Warren© 2007