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Smartfinds Internet Marketing Content Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Smartfinds Internet Marketing Content Marketing

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Smartfinds Internet Marketing Content Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides content marketing solutions for business marketing. We can develop content and distribute the content to cast a wide net on the Internet. Our content marketing solutions can be used as a public relations tool, digital crisis management, sales support amongst other purposes.

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Smartfinds Internet Marketing Content Marketing

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Presentation Transcript

Content Marketing for Revenue

“Using the full power of the Internet”


SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to one thing: helping you drive business through Internet marketing.

Today’s web is a game changer for businesses, with powerful new tools for engaging with customers.

We leverage our 15 years of experience in the Internet industry to help you create successful online customer relationships, giving you a powerful marketing edge.


Content Marketing: Definition

  • The convergence of editorial and advertising using multiple formats that allows for viral distribution to raise awareness about your business.
  • Content marketing is a supportive method of selling via quality, relevant and valuable information that:
    • Educates your customers
    • Shows your authority in your field
    • Allows prospects to find you through multiple sources.

A communications art without selling

Rewarded with Sales and Loyalty


Content Marketing: Benefits

  • Brand awareness & credibility
  • Brand authority
  • Critical mass through link popularity
  • Measurable public relations
  • Search engine rankings
  • Website traffic
  • Sales, Sales Leads, Sales Support

Content is King

The one with the Largest Content Quantity…Wins!


Types of Content

  • Articles
  • E-Newsletters
  • News releases
  • Photos
  • Powerpoint
  • Podcast
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Webcasts and Webinars

Content Marketing: Purpose

  • What is your Goal?
  • Brand Awareness?
  • Brand Recognition?
  • Brand Credibility?
  • Sales Support?
  • Public Relations?
  • Crisis Management?

Content Marketing: Strategy

  • Content Development Strategy
  • Writing Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Linking Strategy
  • Relationship Building Strategy

Research how clients perceive you

Develop a Plan to execute to be viral


Content Marketing: Development

  • Educational sales is your objective
  • Plan to share information
  • Informational and Educational Content
  • Show you are an expert and authority
  • Content body based on research
  • Title, Description, Tags based on research
  • Use different content types that work together for the same message.

Content Marketing: Distribution

  • Labor intensive
  • Ongoing weekly process
  • Posting Content vs. Advertising
  • Posted content has a shelf life of years
  • Distribution point categories
  • Linking Strategies (direct link, cross link and deep link)

Content Marketing: Distribution Categories

  • Article Networks
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Forums
  • News Networks
  • Photo Communities
  • Social Communities
  • Wiki Communities
  • …and many more

Content Marketing: Measurement & Analysis

  • Know your website metrics
  • Monitor website statistics
  • Monitor website analytics
  • Domain name link popularity
  • Link popularity of each content distributed
  • Don’t report, but Analyze
  • Analyze story of data points
  • Understand how to change strategy

Creative Strategies.

Resourceful Methods.

Innovative Ideas.

Connecting you with the Right Audience.

Use the full power of the Internet with us!


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