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AIM: How were the New England colonies created? PowerPoint Presentation
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AIM: How were the New England colonies created?

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AIM: How were the New England colonies created? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Settlement of New England. AIM: How were the New England colonies created?. The New England Colonies. Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Hampshire. Who were the Puritans?. Wanted to purify (reform the Church of England Disliked organ music, fancy churches

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The Settlement

of New England

AIM: How were the New England colonies created?


The New England Colonies

  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire

Who were the Puritans?

Wanted to purify (reform the Church of England

Disliked organ music, fancy churches

Persecuted by King Charles I

Believed all human beings were evil

Satan was always present

Citizens found guilty of sins were humiliated

Letters on back

Dunked in ponds

Stand in pillories

The Puritans


1. The Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • 1629  Puritans get a royal charter to form the MA Bay Colony.
    • Wanted to escape religious persecution
  • 1630  1,000 people set off in 11 well-stocked ships
    • Established a colony with Boston as its hub.
  • Called “Great Migration” of the 1630s

Why did the Puritans leave England?

Religious freedom

Escape persecution from King Charles I

The Great Migration

15,0000 journey to Mass.


Who was their leader?

John Winthrop-

  • Wealthy attorney and manor lord
  • Devout Puritan
  • Became 1st governor of Massachusetts.
    • Believed that he had a “calling” from God to lead there.
    • Set an example by working hard to clear land & build a home
    • Served as governor or deputy-governor for 19 years.

“We shall be as a city on a hill..”


What was life like in the New England settlements?

  • Low mortality  average life expectancy was 70 years of age.
  • Average 6 children per family.
  • Average age at marriage:
    • Women – 22 years old
    • Men – 27 years old.

Who was the boss of the family?

Male father figures controlled each household.

Called a patriarchal society

Ministers and magistrates controlled church & household patriarchs.


Founder-Thomas Hooker- Puritan minister

Believed govt had too much power

Left Massachusetts Bay & started a new colony


2. Connecticut

government of connecticut
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

All men with property could vote, even if not Church members

Limited governor’s power

Government of Connecticut

Another Puritan “Rebel”

  • Roger Williams- young, popular minister in Salem.
    • Believed church & state (govt) should be separate
  • 1635  found guilty of preaching new & dangerous opinions and was exiled.

Roger Williams


3. Rhode Island

  • 1636  Roger Williams founds Rhode Island.
    • Remarkable political freedom in Providence, RI
      • No special privileges for anyone
      • freedom of opportunity for all.
      • Fair to Native Americans
      • All white men can vote
      • No one has to go to Church.
  • RI becomes known as the “Sewer” -seen by the Puritans as a dumping ground for unbelievers
  •  More liberal than any other colony!

Another Puritan “Rebel”

  • Anne Hutchinson
  • Intelligent, strong-willed,well-spoken woman.
  • Devout Puritan
  • Discussed sermons
    • Believed holy life was no sure

sign of salvation.


Anne Hutchinson’s Trial

  • 1638 – lasted 2 days
  • Finally stated she had received her beliefs DIRECTLY from God.
  • Puritan leaders banished her  she & her family traveled to RI and later to NY.
    • She and all but one member of her family were killed in an Indian attack in Westchester County.
    • John Winthrop saw God’s hand in this!

Puritans vs. Native Americans

  • Indians especially weak in New England  epidemics wiped out ¾ of the native popul..
  • Some colonists like Thomas Hooker & Roger Williams were fair but…….


The English keep coming & taking…

  • More settlers take more land
  • War begins- 1675
  • Metacom [King Philip to white settlers]- chief of Wampanoag Indians
    • Other tribes unite with them & 600 settlers are killed

King Philip’s War (1675-1676}

  • The war ended in failure for the Indians
    • Metacom beheaded and drawn and quartered.
    • His son and wife sold into slavery.
    • Never a serious threat in New England again!!

Describe the Sabbath:

Holy Day

Nobody could talk, joke, drink

Everybody attended church

Life in New England Colonies



Vote or make decisions

Took place at church

Made strict religious laws

The Town Meeting


Economy of New England:

Shipbuilding (trees from forests)

Hunted in forest- wild turkey, deer

Fishing and whaling from ships

Economy of New England Colonies