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New England Colonies

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New England Colonies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New England Colonies. Pilgrims. · Persecuted against in England in 15-1600s ·Leave England and go to Netherlands - Losing English culture · Receive permission to go to America ·Seperatists. Mayflower Compact. · Pilgrim boat - Mayflower ·Heading to NY (Hudson River) but land in Mass

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·Persecuted against in England in 15-1600s

·Leave England and go to Netherlands - Losing English culture

·Receive permission to go to America



Mayflower Compact

·Pilgrim boat - Mayflower

·Heading to NY (Hudson River) but land in Mass

·English law would not apply in this new land

·41 adult males signed Compact

·Promised cooperation for the "general good" of the Pilgrims

·1st attempt at European self-governance in America


Plymouth Rock

·Nov 1620 - Pilgrims land in Mass.

·1/2 die in 1st winter

·Most live on Mayflower while healthy men go ashore each day to build settlement

·Aided by local Indians (Squanto, Thanksgiving)



·1629 - King Charles grants Massachusetts Bay Company charter to start colony

·1629-1640 The Great Migration

·40,000 British move to America

·1630 - John Winthrop leads Puritans to Mass.


Puritan Life

·Education is extremely important - Educating future priests

·1636 - John Harvard creates a university

·Politics and religion closely linked

·Very moral, restrictive society



·1636 - Minister Thomas Hooker breaks away from Mass

·1639 - Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

·Father of American Democracy


Rhode Island

·Roger Williams leads group and establishes Providence

·Creates Rhode Island

·Religious tolerance for all and separation of church and state


Life in New England Colonies

·Farming not great so slavery not as important

·Trading, fishing, apprenticing

·Apprenticeship - Live with worker and learn skill, provide basic necessities in return for education


Women in N.E.

·More rights than England

·Legal rights, own property

·Anne Hutchinson - female religious leader, believes religion is an individual thing

·Founds Portsmouth, RI

·Salem Witch Trials


New York/New Jersey

·New Amsterdam - Dutch trading post on Manhattan Island

·Peter Stuyvesant turns it into major Dutch colony

·1664 - British take control peacefully - New York

·Land between Hudson and Delaware rivers - New Jersey



Quakers (Friends)

·Equality of men and women

·Nonviolence and religious toleration for all

·Persecuted in America and Europe

·Granted land west of Delaware


·William Penn leads Quakers to PA

·Religious freedom for all Christians

·Capital is Philadelphia - means City of brotherly love



·1st Permanent British Colony 1607

·2/3 Don't make it 1st year - why?

·1608 - John Smith - Forces settlers to work and allies with Indians


·1609 - 400 more arrive, John Rolfe

·Masters tobacco

·People live on scattered farms

·Headright System - If you pay for your journey you get 50 acres + 50 acres for every extra person you finance


Indentured Servants/Slavery

·Large plantations need major work force

·Contract to work for 4-7 years if journey is paid for

·Freedom and land granted after contact


What are the Characteristics of American Slavery?

"His efforts are typical of a commissioner who has always seemed eager to be viewed as some kind of modern-day plantation overseer, treating NBA men as if they were his boys. ... His moves are intended to do little more than show how he's the one keeping the hired hands in their place."

Oct 18th 2011


Bacon's Rebellion

·1676 - High taxes + lack of protection against Native Americans

·Unhappy with gov'ts friendly relationship with N.A.

·Nathaniel Bacon leads attack against NA

·VA governor attempts to stop him so he attacks Jamestown



·George Calvert (Lord Balt.)

·Colony for English Catholics

·Protestants move in - violence ensues

·Toleration Act of 1649 - 1st Law supporting religious toleration (For Christians)



·1663 - Carolina established (King Charles Town)

·1712 - Carolinas Split - Too big to rule

·1732 - Georgia established

·Buffer from Spain

·Prisoners in debt get a new start


Life in Southern Colonies

·Climate leads to agriculture

·Small farms and plantations

·Cash crops - farming for profit

·Indentured servants lead into slavery

·Slave codes - Laws to control slaves


Growth of Colonies - Gov't

·Governor runs colony with help of Council

·1619 - Virginia Assembly - 1st Legislature in colonies

·2 Houses - Council of State - elected by governor and advisors)

·House of Burgesses - Elected by colonists


Court System

·Local courts reflect local culture

·1733 - John Peter Zenger

·Arrested for printing statement damaging reputation of governor


·Freedom of press/speech