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The Age of Jackson

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The Age of Jackson. “Old Hickory”. Bell Ringer: Discussion Questions. How much of a disparity exists between poor and wealthy people in America today? In what ways is it easy to distinguish between poor and wealthy Americans?

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the age of jackson

The Age of Jackson

“Old Hickory”

bell ringer discussion questions
Bell Ringer: Discussion Questions
  • How much of a disparity exists between poor and wealthy people in America today?
  • In what ways is it easy to distinguish between poor and wealthy Americans?
  • In what ways is it difficult to distinguish between poor and wealthy Americans?
  • American is known as the “land of opportunity”, how accurate is that term today?
questions to ponder
Questions to Ponder
  • How democratic was Andrew Jackson?
  • What group of people did Jackson represent?
  • In what ways did Jackson change the government?
  • Why was Jackson loved by many people and should he have been?
who really was the most interesting man in the world
Who really was the most interesting man in the world?


  • Strong Leader
  • Symbol of the working and middle class
  • Born on the frontier
  • Famed Indian fighter
  • Wealthy planter and slave owner
  • Chewed tobacco, fought in duels, and was temperamental
  • No college education
jackson s main impacts
Jackson’s main impacts…
  • Changes in the Franchise
  • Peggy Eaton Affair
  • Indian Removal Act
  • Reaction to Worcester v. Georgia
  • Nullification Crisis
  • Bank Veto
  • Pet banks
  • Specie Circular
  • Being a part of the franchise meant that you could vote.
  • Had been only white land-owning males.

Changes made:

1)Newly added states allowed all white males to vote and hold office.

2) Party nominations could be influenced by common people.

3)New ways to choose the presidential electors.

4) Two & Three party system

5) More elected officials

6) Popular campaigning

government changes under jackson
Spoils System

Rotation of Office

  • Appoint people to federal jobs because they helped you campaign. (party loyalty)
  • “No man, has any more intrinsic claim to office than another.”
Government changes under Jackson
jackson the president
Jackson the President
  • Vetoed more bills than the total of the last 6 presidents.
  • Considered the common president
  • Advised from an unofficial cabinet group called the “kitchen cabinet”
peggy eaton affair
Peggy Eaton Affair
  • Peggy O’Neale Eaton was the wife of the secretary of war.
  • She was attacked of having an affair.
  • Jackson forced cabinet wives' to accept her socially.
  • Martin Van Buren respected Jackson’s wishes.
  • John Calhoun did not.
indian removal act
Indian Removal Act


  • Jackson disliked Natives and Slaves.
  • Wanted democracy but not for them.
  • Passed this act in order to move Natives past the Mississippi.
  • 1836- Bureau of Indian Affairs created to assist the resettled tribes.
  • 1838- Trail of Tears- US army forced the Natives to resettle.
nullification crisis
Nullification Crisis
  • John C. Calhoun came up with the nullification theory

-States had the right to obey federal law or declare null and void.

1828- South Carolina argued that the tariff of 1828( Tariff of Abominations) was unconstitutional.

1830- Daniel Webster debated Robert Hayne

Webster-Hayne Debate- On the nature of the federal union.

jackson s reaction
Jackson’s reaction…

“Our federal Union, it must be preserved.”

-South Carolina held a convention to nullify the tariff.

-Jackson told them that nullification and disunion was


*Jackson compromised by lowering the tariff rates.*

bank veto
Bank Veto
  • Jackson felt the Bank of the US was unconstitutional
  • Henry Clay running against Jackson persuaded Congress to pass a bank-recharter bill.
  • Jackson vetoed the bill.
two party system
Two-Party System
  • Jackson supporters


Henry Clay supporters


Jackson wins reelection in 1832

jackson s next 4 years
Jackson’s Next 4 Years…
  • Pet Banks- Jackson had vetoed the recharter of the banks and cut al federal funds.
  • Jackson had the funds transferred to various state banks (called “pet banks”)
  • Jackson’s financial policies caused inflation for land and goods.
  • Specie Circular- Order that future land purchases be made with silver and gold, not banknotes.

*Banknotes lose their value and the Panic of 1837 caused an economic depression.*

campaign of 1840
Campaign of 1840
  • “Log Cabin & Hard Cider”

-William Henry Harrison v. Martin Van Buren

Whigs win the election and become a national party.

-Harrison died of pneumonia and John Tyler became

The president.

election of 1836
Election of 1836
  • Jackson pushed for his vice president Martin Van Buren to run for President.
  • Panic of 1837- Many banks closed and led to a economic depression.