women s right in the korea and afghanistan
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Women’s right in the Korea and Afghanistan

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Women’s right in the Korea and Afghanistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women’s right in the Korea and Afghanistan. Dasom Chun DP 1 English A1 project. Status of women in Afghanistan (During Taliban rule). • F orbidden to work • Do not leave the house without a male escort

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women s right in the korea and afghanistan

Women’s right in the Korea and Afghanistan

Dasom Chun

DP 1

English A1 project

status of women in afghanistan during taliban rule
Status of women in Afghanistan(During Taliban rule)

• Forbidden to work

• Do not leave the house without a male escort

• Ordered the publicly visible windows of women's houses painted black and forced women to wear the burqa (or chadari)

• Closed schools to girls in cities and expelled women from universities

their spousal abuse
Their Spousal abuse…

• Name : Laila & Mariam

• Age : 20 early & 30 mid

• Job : Housewife

• Address : Kabul

• Judging your damage area, you suffered too bad violence from your husband and even he had used weapon. So you can complain your husband and receive compensation with helping of the law.

• Name : Rasheed

• Age : 60 mid

• Job : Shoemaker

• Address : Kabul

• Judging your wives’ conditions, you did violence to your wives. Physical violence, verbal abuse, vandalism, etc. You already have enough evidences.

South Korea


• Spousal abuse is regarded as a crime

• Take Spousal abuseas a matter of course

• Man and wife a equal rightto tell own opinion

• Wife obey absolutely her husband speaking

• Wife do nothing without her husband’s agreement and escort

• Man and wife can do anything each

in the office
In the office.

Today surely, many women were caught. I still cannot understand their acts. Whether they do like that or not, anyway, they are enforced, prohibited, and forbidden. Just now, two women were dragged. One woman persisted obstinately like any other women. But, the other wasn’t. Their acts were a little interesting. I’m sure they will be beaten by their husband. Anyway, I don’t care whether they will or not. I just want to finish today dull work.

attention women
Attention women :
  • Right of Self-Defense is essential. It is not a crime to protect own self.
  • If you are ignored by a man, you can accuse him.
  • You can say your opinion whenever you decide or have to follow some rule.
Postscipt . . .

Any society has strong and weak. But it should not cease the negative concept which depends on the gender(Male is supremer than female).

Home is also small society. 'Machismo', 'hierarchical relationships'. Most of the conservative men have this stereotype. Like Laila and Mariam who sometimes got abused without any reasons or sometimes why they have told their own thinking, not only in Afghanistan but in many places the world domestic violence is accuring.

While doing this project, I can see this situation

with women’s seeing more than before. I’m a woman. But, in usual, I don’t care about women’s discrimination, status, suffering, and the rights-especially, like conditions of Afghanistan’s women-because my country, South Korea, is very equal society and almost all people have the basic think ‘Gender is not a problem’. Though I got this indirect experience with book, it was so impressed on me. By thinking and doing this, I could think more about this problem of the world.
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