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  1. Korea By: Pauline Chang

  2. Image of South Korea’s and North Korea’s flag Image of tiger of how Korea looks like Language in Korean

  3. My Questions about South Korea What is the population in South Korea? Why do Koreans have similar values and beliefs to Chinese people? What are the 3 famous buildings in South Korea and why are they famous? Why was Yu Guan Soon so brave that she could stand brave for herself in the big war between Japan? What is the national animal of South Korea?

  4. Similar values and beliefs to Chinese people Korean people and Chinese people have similar values and beliefs because from along time ago, the country was connected together, and they had very similar thinking and beliefs. Something like a Buddha statue. Some Koreans believe that statue and also Chinese people believe on that statue.

  5. Buddhist and Christians In south Korea, there are a lot of Buddhists and Christians. There are a lot of Buddhist because there are a lot of people that believes in this big statue. There are a lot of people that believes in Christians because there are some South Koreans whobelieve in Jesus.

  6. Important Yu Guan Soon In south Korea, the day that Yu Guan Soon died is very important. It is important because she was really brave at saying that our country has a lot of improvements while south Korea and Japan had a big war, but she got caught by the Japanese but she keep saying South Korea name a lot of times then she died. It was very sad that she died. That day is very important. Yu Guan Soon never complained about anything. She was always happy and she always had a daily smile on her face.

  7. Clothing Han Bok The clothing along time ago was Han Bok. It is a traditional clothing for now to wear. They have differentclothing for boys and girls. For girls it is a dress, and for boys are pants. A lot of South Koreans like to wear Han Bok.

  8. National Anthem

  9. My Citations

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