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Warm Up. Who is Mao Zedong?. 2. Mini responses. Example; First sentence: The Three Gorges Dam… is a good thing is a bad thing is both good and bad Second sentence: Give first reason/example Third sentence: Give second reason/example. Example:.

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Warm up
Warm Up

  • Who is Mao Zedong?


Mini responses
Mini responses


First sentence:

The Three Gorges Dam…

is a good thing

is a bad thing

is both good and bad

Second sentence:

Give first


Third sentence:

Give second



  • In my opinion, the Three Gorges Dam is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it helps control flooding. But, it is also a bad thing because it creates a reservoir that destroys many animal habitats.

Quality of life index
Quality of life Index

  • used to evaluate the general well-being of individuals and societies

  • 2005 China was ranked 60th in the world out of 111 countries.

  • Score of 6.083 out of 10

Citation: Economist Intelligence Unit, 2005


  • World population:

    • About 7 billion people

  • China Population:

    • 1.4 billion people (greatest population on Earth)

    • DOUBLE the population of US and Europe combined

  • About 1 in 6 people are Chinese

Citation: Discovery Atlas: China 2006

Population density
Population Density

  • Population Density: the average number of people living in a measurable area.

  • (# of people/ total area )

  • In the US 1990:

    • 70.3 people/sq. mile

  • What issues does this definition have?

  • Alaska: 1 person/sq. mile

  • New Jersey: 1,098 people/sq. mile

Citation: http://undertheraedar.blogspot.com/2010/12/size-of-countries-usa-and-china.html

Citation: Text book pg. 80

Warm up

What patterns do you notice with this map?

Populations are centered around water


  • Most densely populated city on earth

  • Total Area: about 2,400 sq miles

  • Total Population: 23,000,000

  • Ex; 23,000,000 people/ 2,400 sq miles =

    9,583 people in every sq mile!

How fast is the population growing
How fast is the population growing?

  • Every minute, 34 Chinese children are born

  • Population growing by about 7 million people every year

  • Is there a problem?

Citation: Discovery Atlas: China 2006

One child policy
One-child policy

  • Instituted in 1979 to alleviate economic, social and environmental problems.

  • Limits couples in urban areas to one child.

  • Exceptions for ethnic minorities, rural families, parents who do not have any siblings and China’s 2008 earthquake.

  • What is the purpose?

  • Believed to have prevented

    400 million births since 1979.

Is the one child policy a good thing or a bad thing
Is the one child policy a good thing or a bad thing?





How has china changed since 1950
How has china changed since 1950?

  • http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/hans_rosling_at_state.html (2:58-3:30)

  • Western World: Long life and small family

  • Developing World: Short life and large family.

    • Why? What factors contribute to this?

      • Soap, water, food, vaccinations, etc…

      • Lifestyle

  • China’s lifespan has increased and family size decreased

  • It is not a developing country anymore

Warm up

  • In your opinion, is the One Child Policy a good thing or a bad thing?Clearly state your opinion (positive, negative or somewhere in between)Support your opinion with two reasons that we’ve discussed in class.Please write at least 3 complete sentences

Other citations
Other Citations

  • Opening Slide:

    • http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/culture/lucky-numbers-and-colors-in-chinese-culture.htm

    • http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Sichuan-earthquake:-government-prohibits-investigations-into-collapsed-schools-15072.html

    • http://www.china-mike.com/chinese-culture/society/one-child-policy/

    • http://blogs.ajc.com/get-schooled-blog/2011/01/10/chinese-mothers-perfect-grades-or-else-and-youre-fat/