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European Group Tourism by Coach: Driving Seniors´ and out of Season Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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European Group Tourism by Coach: Driving Seniors´ and out of Season Tourism

European Group Tourism by Coach: Driving Seniors´ and out of Season Tourism

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European Group Tourism by Coach: Driving Seniors´ and out of Season Tourism

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  1. European Group Tourism by Coach: Driving Seniors´ and out of Season Tourism 8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum -17 Oct 2013- Oscar Almendros European Commission, DG Enterprise & IndustryTourism Policy Unit

  2. Tourism in the EU • Cross-cutting • Transnationalsector • Fragmented sector • MainlySMEs • Contributestoother keyobjectives of the EU

  3. Europe, world´s nº 1 tourism destination • 586€ billion revenues 5% of the GDP (dir.) 10% of the GDP (ind.) • 1.8 million enterprises • 18,8 million workers in 2011; 20,4 mill. in 2022 (WT&TC) 5.2% employment (dir.) 12% employment (ind.) INSERT 3

  4. Legal Framework: competitiveness • Article 6 (Lisbon Treaty): the EU can intervene to "support, coordinate or supplement the actions of Member States": • Article 195: in Tourism the EU can complement Member States’ actions to promote competitiveness by: • Encouraging the creation of favourable environment; • Promoting cooperation between Member states, particularly in exchanging good practices.

  5. Political Framework Communication 2010 - "Europe, world´s nº 1 tourism destination, a new political framework for European Tourism" - COM (2010) 352 • Stimulate competitiveness in the European tourism sector. • Promote the development of sustainable, responsible and quality tourism. • Consolidate the image and profile of Europe as a whole, quality sustainable destinations. • Maximizing the potential of policies and financial instruments of the EU aimed at the tourism development. 5

  6. Major tourism challenges 6

  7. Tourism for All EC ensures universal access to holiday =competitive, sustainable and responsible tourism EC undertakes trans-national actions to cope with the following challenges: EXTENSION OF THE LOW SEASON = GROWTH AND JOBS MAJOR CHANGES AND ECONOMIC CHALLENGES OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY (new family structures, single-person households, the increase of life expectancy, additional free time, population ageing…)

  8. Policy Framework of social tourism COM(2001) 665 final "Working together for the future of European tourism": ensure tourism for all for specific target groups COM(2003) 716 final “Basic orientations for the sustainability of European tourism”: social inclusion in a sustainable tourism COM(2006) 134 final “A renewed EU Tourism Policy: Towards a stronger partnership for European Tourism”: exchange of ‘tourism for all’ good practice COM(2007) 621 final “European Agenda 21 for Sustainable and Competitive European Tourism"

  9. Preparatory action “Social Tourism in Europe” named “CALYPSO-Tourism for All” (2009-2011) Action 6 of the EC Communication 352/2010 “facilitating low-season transnational tourism exchanges between Member States, Regions and other stakeholders, addressing 4 target groups: Pensioners (>65) Youth (18-30years) Disabled people Families facing difficult social circumstances Calypso: Tourism for All

  10. Calypso: Tourism for All Objectives: • Promote the European dimension of social tourism, inviting public and private stakeholders to cooperate, through transnational exchanges in low-season; • Promote regional development and generate economic growth across Europe; • Improve tourism seasonality patterns across Europe; • Create more and better jobs in the tourism sector; • Strengthen the European citizenship.

  11. Calypso: Tourism for All • 2 Call for Proposals under the Preparatory Action and 1 in 2012 under the EIP (Holiday4all-Danube macroRegion; Off2013 –HU/PL for seniors and families). • 10 Projects; 17 MS (Including Serbia and Montenegro) • Platform e-Calypso (under PA 2001): "Promoting Social Tourism in Europe through the Development of a Demand – Supply Web Based Platform"

  12. Redefining European Tourism Policy Keeping Europe's No. 1 destination worldwide New political momentum (Mission for Growth, EU Strategy 2020, Small Business Act, MFF 2014-2020 ...) Stimulate competitiveness: Focus on Growth and Employment Integral associations of actors: Partnership between public/ private stakeholders

  13. The objectives of tourism in the EU STRATEGIC ROAD MAP 2013-2014 I. PromotingEurope: Tourism demand II. Europe as a destination of excellence: Tourism offer III. Tourism as an engine to exit the crisis: Skills, innovation, accessibility and better access to finance

  14. Integration of tourism policies and major EU financial instruments • Impact of other EU policies: visas (HOME) ServicesDirective (MARKT), PackageTravelDirective (JUST), Transport (MOVE), Employment (EMPL), Rural Development (AGRI), Trade (TRADE) Emissions (climate) Maritime and Fisheries (MARE), Education and culture (EAC), etc... • EIP / CIP → ± € 6.5 million in 2013 • Preparatory PE (transnational cultural tourismproducts and accessibility) → 3 million € (2012-2014) • Extra financialmultiannualsectoralprogramssuch as: • LIFE + (Environment) • CreativeEurope, Erasmus forAll (Education and Culture) • Lifelonglearning, Leonardo(Education and Culture) • Europeanstructural and regional funds

  15. The Increase of the Tourism Demand: Calypso Plus "Tourism for Senior" • Potentialmarket: • 125 millionseniorcitizens (>55 yearsold) in Europe. • 25% of the EU population. • Leisure time, higherlifeexpectancy, betterhealth and expendingpowerthanpreviousgenerations. • Notfulltyexploited (only 41% travel).

  16. The Increase of the Tourism Demand: Calypso Plus "Tourism for Senior" • Calypso projects (EST, SOWELL, URTS, HEALTOUR, OFF2013), • Whenstarted: VP Tajanisent a lettertoall EU TourismMinistry in May '12 • Whatwas done: 2 technicalmeetings(2012-2013) FirstCallforProposalsonSeniors

  17. The Increase of the Tourism Demand: Calypso Plus "Tourism for Senior" Call for Proposals Senior Initiative. • Publication: June 2013 • Budget Line: EIP Program • Budget: 1 million € • Co-financing: 70% • Implementationperiod: 18 monthsfromJanuary2014 • SubmmitedApplications: 57

  18. The Increase of the Tourism Demand: Calypso Plus "Tourism for Senior" Nextsteps: • PilotInitiative"EuropethebestdestinationforSeniors" , aiming at increasing senior tourist flows, during low/medium seasons, between European countries and/or from third countries. • European and International dimension. • 1st Workshoponseniors, Bruxelles, on 5th December 2013

  19. Accessibility • Accessible Tourism/Senior • 80 million people with disability in EU • ¾ of disable citizens are over 55 years old • Potential market: 100 to 110 million tourists (elderly and disabled) with accesibility requirements. • Indirectly: 130-140 million more tourists per year, with an additional turnover of approximately 90-160 billion € per year

  20. Accessibility • Preparatory Action (PA) “Tourism accessibility for all” (2012-2014) • Three studies in 2012 to be completed in 2014: • to assess the economic impact of accessible tourism and the evolution of the demand, • to screen the supply of tourism services, • to identify the necessary skills and competences for tourism staff and professionals. • European Excellence Award for Accessible Tourism, aimed at rewarding operators in the tourism sector which have made accessibility an element of their competitiveness. The winners will be proclaimed in 13 December 2013.

  21. Some provisional Results • Demand side: needs, preferences and perceptions • Seniors • Accesible=feature for disabled + confort and quality • Marketing and promotion/ info and communication • Offer side: barriers and shortcomes for SMEs • Mobility impairment is not all services needed. • High costs for investments and no information to guide enterpreneurs • Skills: profiles and training needs • No accessibility training systematically integrated in EU 28 mainstream educational systems

  22. Accesibility • New Call for Proposals: "Design, Implementation, Promotion and Marketing of Accessible Tourism Itineraries" • Deadline: 22/10/2013 • Maximum EU Contribution per project : € 125.000 • Specific Programme: Preparatory Action " Tourism and accessibility for all".

  23. COSME • Ensure continuity with the EIP(e.g. EEN) • Main beneficiaries • Existing entrepreneurs (small businesses) – easier access to funding for development, consolidation and growth of their business. • Future entrepreneurs (including young people) – assistance in setting up their own business. • National, regional and local authorities – tools for effectively reforming policy • Foreseen budget: € 2.5 billion

  24. Overview of COSME. Objectives & Activities

  25. Proposals for Tourism

  26. General Information and Contact Details Project webpage • Tourism Legislation • Ready for Europe campaign • Oscar Almendros Thankyouforyourattention