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  2. MUGHAL EMPIRE Founded by Babur (1526) Lasted for more than 300 years Akbar the Great: Religious toleration (Muslims and Hindus)

  3. Shah Jahan: Monument to his 3rd wife Both are buried there

  4. EUROPEAN TRADERS Portuguese built a trading empire in Asia (Vasco da Gama) Catholic missionaries sailed with Portuguese merchants and converted many Indians to Christianity. In 1600, Dutch broke in and England set up the East India Company The English built trading posts and traded gold and silver for Indian goods such as cotton, textiles, silk, and tea

  5. A STRUGGLE FOR POWER At first, the Mughal Empire looked down on the Europeans and had power to set the terms of trade. Later (Early 1700s), Mughal Empire began to decline (wasteful spending, ended toleration policy, civil wars) Rival princes set up small independent kingdoms Britain and France began to compete with each other for political and economic power. They allied with local Indian rulers against the Mughal Empire British forces had overcome the French.

  6. EAST INDIA COMPANY RULE Robert Clive- British officer and administrator of the East India Company Led British forces against the French and drove the French out. Won control of Bengal section of India (Bangladesh) He appointed local rulers who favored the East India Company

  7. EAST INDIA COMPANY RULE Traditional rivalries kept Indian rulers from uniting against the British. The British encouraged disunity Earned the right to collect taxes, set up a law code, set up a court system

  8. BRITISH RULE Indians had many grievances against British rule. British outlawed Hindu ritual suicide by widows British imposed high taxes Christian missionaries tried to convert Hindus

  9. SEPOY REBELLION Sepoys: Indian troops who served in the British army Sepoys heard rumors that cartridges for their rifles were greased with beef or pork fat Fight for Britain in foreign lands (afraid would lose caste) Sepoy Rebellion: 1857 near Delhi Sepoys killed some British soldiers. British brutally put down the uprising Led to lasting distrust between British and Indians

  10. BRITISH COLONY SET UP IN 1858 British government took over India as a colony British ruled most of India directly but a third was still ruled by local princes who signed treaties giving Britain control of foreign and military affairs Britain reformed the law code and set up its own court system Britain set up its own civil service, body of officials, to rule the colony