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J3 T ravel Agency

J3 T ravel Agency

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J3 T ravel Agency

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  1. J3 Travel Agency

    By Lane Jensen
  2. Jamaica Jamaica lies 90 miles south of Cuba in the pacific ocean. While in Jamaica you can visit 5 star resorts and restaurants! Don’t forget to visit Dunn river falls! And if your lucky maybe you will see the worlds fastest man, Usain Bolt!
  3. Madagascar Madagascar lies just east of Africa, it is the worlds 4th largest island. While in Madagascar you can visit sandy beaches or see wildlife only found in Madagascar! Also don’t forget to visit Isalo National Park!
  4. Australia Australia is located in the Indian and Pacific oceans, with surroundings islands Tasmania, New Zealand, and others. While in Australia you can see breath-taking cities, see the Australian outback, or visit a sandy beach. If you love snorkeling then visit the Great Barrier Reef, the worlds largest reef!
  5. Wisconsin Wisconsin is located in the U.S. with bordering states: Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. Wisconsin also borders Great Lakes Superior and Michigan. While in Michigan you can do almost anything! Go to an amusement park, visit a dairy farm, or go to a professional sporting event you name it! If you’re a cheese lover than Wisconsin is your state! Wisconsin leads the nation in cheese production!
  6. Utah Utah is located in the U.S. with bordering states, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico. If you are an outdoors man or woman than Utah is the place to be! You can ski, hike, white-water raft or even just sight see! If you are in Utah, you can visit one or all of their 5 national parks.