s chool t ravel p lans n.
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S chool T ravel P lans

S chool T ravel P lans

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S chool T ravel P lans

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  1. School Travel Plans How can a Travel Plan help our school? Anyone can be a involved; Headteachers,Teachers,GovernorsParents &members of the School Council

  2. The main aims of a School Travel Plan To reduce the number of car trips to the school. To increase the numbers of pupils walking and/or cycling. To encourage car sharing by parents and school staff. To ensure the journeys can be made as safe as possible.

  3. Encouraging more children to walk and cycle to school can contribute to physical activity within a healthy lifestyle, one of the healthy schools modules. This also promotes independence and citizenship. STP’s can also fit within the 5 outcomes in Children’s Act 2004 “Every Child Matters”:be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, and achieve economic well-being. School Travel Plans, how it can link in

  4. Introduce an incentive scheme to encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school. Mark areas in the playground that can be walked around, so pupils that travel by bus can also take part. Introduce WOW to your school “Walk on Wednesday”, when one day each week as many people as possible walk. Close the school car park to driving parents. Identify a local “park and walk” facility. Advice from other schools

  5. Before you start • Visit and search for School Travel Plans • Download a copy of the Best Practice Guidance Notes and work through the list of things to do • Download a copy of Dorset Schools Travel Plan Evidence Sheet, to see what information needs to be contained in your School’s Travel Plan. • Download templates to use from the website

  6. How to produce a School Travel Plan? Stage One Obtain classroom "Hands Up" data from the pupils by asking the question "How do you usually travel to school?” Answers will include: Walk, Cycle/Scooter, Car, Car share, Bus, Taxi

  7. Send out a family survey. This will provide you with feedback on choices of journey, and how these could be changed. It also identifies any problems with the journey thatneed to be addressed. Ask your school council to survey some of the pupils. Ask pupils how they currently travel and how would they like to travel to school and what stops them. Find out their ideas for incentive schemes to encourage them to walk and cycle more. Stage Two And

  8. Stage Three With the help of Dorset County Council’s School Travel Advisers Draw up a draft travel plan Notify your parents, pupils and staff that the plan has been drawn up and that during a two week consultation, you would like them to contribute with their views.

  9. The Final Hurdle Now you have produced your plan, and it has been signed by the Headteacher and Head of School Governors, providing it complies with the national standard…………. You can apply for Capital Grant Funding!

  10. How much money can I apply for? First & Primary Schools can receive £3,750 plus £5 per pupil on the school roll Middle, Secondary, Special & Upper schools can receive £5,000 plus £5 per pupil on the school roll

  11. How can our Schoolspend our grant? Lockers Improved lighting Cycle Storage CCTV New path for pedestrians or cyclistsNew signing On site waiting area for pedestrians Wet weather changing facilities Trees to absorb CO² Remote control entry system for a pedestrian gate Grants can only be used for measures within the school grounds.

  12. And remember……….. Your School Travel Adviser is here to help your school every step of the way. We can provide you with templates, help, advice and resources for long term walking incentives.

  13. Contact details North & East of County including ChristchurchSiân 01305 221707 or 07769 926623 West of CountyPaul 01305 228650 or 07900 261817 For more information visit our website