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REVISION PRESENTATION J3 - part 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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REVISION PRESENTATION J3 - part 1. The practice, meaning and significance of: the sacraments of initiation . 7. The Magnificent. SACRAMENTS. special experiences of God’s grace. R C. ECEIVE GOD’s GRACE which EMPOWERS them to respond to the .

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    1. REVISION PRESENTATIONJ3 - part 1 The practice, meaning and significance of: the sacraments of initiation.

    2. 7 The Magnificent SACRAMENTS special experiences of God’s grace R C ECEIVE GOD’s GRACE which EMPOWERS them to respond to the HALLENGE to build the Kingdom of God here and now.

    3. 3 sacraments of initiation 2 7 sacraments of commitment 2 sacraments of healing

    4. 3 SACRAMENTS OF INITIATION Sacraments of Initiation are the means by which people areformally welcomed into theWORLDWIDE BODY OF CHRIST • baptism • confirmation • eucharist.

    5. BAPTISM Oil of Chrism VOWS

    6. Community Celebration Reminder of Responsibilities CRIB Initiation of Individual Expression of Basic Beliefs


    8. Candidate Confirms vows made at Baptism Oil of Chrism NAME - a sign of being a new person Full member of the Faith community CONFIRMS Initiation Renews vows made at Baptism Mature enough to be a witness Strengthened by the Spirit


    10. J3 - part 2 • The Mass: • its structure (penitential rite, liturgy of the word, Eucharist, rite of communion; • its importance to Catholics (sacrifice, real presence, transubstantiation, tabernacle); • the meaning of the Eucharist in other Christian traditions

    11. Penitential Rite Liturgy of the Word Liturgy of the Eucharist Rite of Communion CHALLENGE! Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

    12. Sacrifice Sacred meal The Body of Christ The bread of life The Lamb of God

    13. sacrifice real presence transubstantiation tabernacle A surrender of something valuable for the sake of others the belief that Jesus is really present in the bread and wine in the Eucharistic Prayer the belief that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus while still appearing to be bread & wine the box like container used for consecrated hosts.

    14. sacrifice and sacred meal unites the worldwide Body of Christ real presence - Jesus is there SUPPER prophetic - past, present, future educates through Liturgy of the Word revitalises through the bread of life.

    15. Breaking of the bread Eucharist Other Christian traditions emphasise different aspects • B & W are symbols • superstitious to believe in Real Presence • God is more present in the W of G • limiting since Jesus is present all the time in all things • more important to give than receive.

    16. J3 - part 3 The practice, meaning and significance of: the sacraments of healing - reconciliation (contrition, penance and absolution) anointing of the sick (viaticum).

    17. Sacraments of Healing are the means by which people receive God’s healing grace sick reconciliation

    18. Sacrament of reconciliation

    19. contrition ABSOLUTION confession/counselling Luke 15 penance/satisfaction

    20. penitent has chance to CONFESS (show CONTRITION) we can sin by OMISSION chance for a NEW beginning CONFESS receives God's FORGIVENESS ENCOURAGED to reform penitent is STRENGTHENED penitent receives SPIRITUAL healing

    21. Sacrament of the anointing of the sick “food for the journey” the communion given in the anointing of the sick viaticum

    22. Sick Sacrament of the anointing of the sick RECONCILIATION ANOINTING VIATICUM

    23. sick person experiences God's healing LOVE anointed with the OIL of the Sick receives VIATICUM - food for the journey LOVES receives ENCOURAGEMENT to bear suffering receives SPIRITUAL healing through absolution

    24. J3 - part 4 • How and why Christians celebrate: • Christmas • Lent • Holy Week and Easter

    25. All these seasons are based on biblical events! The CHRISTMAS season ACE

    26. dvent = "coming" Catholics prepare for AdveNT Catholics anticipate 2nd early ime

    27. HOW???? Fasting Prayer Repentance

    28. CHRISTmas Catholics celebrate The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem The incarnation The Word made flesh

    29. HOW??? TREE

    30. G F M The gifts KING PRIEST why Jesus came! revelation reveal PROPHET


    32. Catholics recall LeNT 40 days being tempted early ime

    33. Ash Wednesday starts on Fasting Prayer Repentance Almsgiving SVations of the cross Via Dolorosa

    34. Maundy Thursday Good Friday

    35. Catholics recall Catholics celebrate by "Save us!" • Waving palms • Listening to the Passion story

    36. Maundy Thursday Catholics recall Jesus washing the feet of the disciples Catholics celebrate by • Priest washing feet • Attending Mass to re-enact Last Supper

    37. Good Friday Catholics recall Jesus' death which gained our salvation The ultimate victory of Good over Evil Catholics celebrate by Listening to the Passion story Venerating the Cross

    38. EASTER Catholics recall Catholics celebrate by attending the Easter Vigil

    39. VOWS The Easter Vigil • Light the Paschal Candle • Liturgy of the Word • Renew baptismal vows • Liturgy of the Eucharist