civil rights n.
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CIVIL RIGHTS. 1950’S Education Voting Desegregation. JIM CROW LAWS. 15 mil blacks in US in1950 2/3 in South Separate schools—separate Everything!. Truman/Ike. Truman-”To Secure These Rights” report on rights of blacks Get equality in Armed Forces thru executive order

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civil rights






jim crow laws

15 mil blacks in US in1950

2/3 in South

Separate schools—separate


truman ike
  • Truman-”To Secure These Rights” report on rights of blacks
    • Get equality in Armed Forces thru executive order
    • Desegregate federal civil service (gov’t jobs)
      • Continue with plan to gain equality
    • Ike not interest in civil rights/equality
      • “social harmony not social justice”
      • 1950-Sweatt v. Painter
        • Separate but equal professional schools not equal
          • Need to integrate
          • IKE-no action

Jim crow laws

Keep blacks without

Political & economic


emmitt till 1955
Emmitt Till 1955
  • Chicago teenager visiting his relatives in Mississippi
  • Lynched—brutally killed because he talked to a white woman
    • White men tried but not convicted
    • Case reopened in 2003
    • Charges filed, but not enough
    • evidence
brown v board of ed topeka ks 1954
Supreme Court more liberal

Run by Justice Warren

Congress won’t legislate integration so SC has to

“judicial activism”

Brown v. Board of Ed. Topeka, KS1954
brown v board of educ
Brown v. Board of Educ.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson 1896
    • Separate but equal is ok
  • Brown decision
    • “separate but equal is inherently unequal”==segregation is unconstutional
    • Must desegregate with all due speed!
      • By 1964—only 2% of blacks were integrated
        • Hard fought fight to integrate
little rock school crisis 1957
Little Rock School Crisis 1957

Key Players:

Gov. Orval Faubus

-no integration

-brings Arkansas National Guard to prevent integration

Little Rock 9

9 students selected to attend Little Rock HS in the fall of 1957


-doesn’t like integration

But doesn’t like Fed. Gov’t to be ignored

ike s response
Ike’s Response

Sends troops to protect the Little Rock 9

Faubus’ actions-

Direct challenge to federal authority


Brutal treatment

Some last the year

Some graduate

civil rights act of 1957
Civil Rights Act of 1957
  • Ike-”the mildest civil rights bill possible”
  • Commission to investigate violations of Civil rights
  • Fed gov’t to protect voting rights
    • Doesn’t happen
      • 20% of eligible black voters registered to vote
      • Less than 5% registered in Mississippi & Alabama
southern christian leadership conference 1957
Southern Christian Leadership Conference 1957
  • Leader-Martin Luther King jr.
  • Mobilize power of black churches on behalf of black rights
  • Strengthen community & the ability to fight back
  • Peaceful protests—not violence
montgomery bus boycotts 1955
Montgomery Bus Boycotts 1955

Key players:

Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King Jr.

Help publicize boycott & help keep the calm

Reasons for boycott:

Blacks must sit in the back of the bus

Blacks must give up their seat to a white person

results of boycott
Lasts almost one year

Bus company almost goes bankrupt

City leaders refuse to negotiate

Finally-start integration

Results of Boycott
further protests
Further protests
  • Feb 1960-lunch counter sit ins to protest segregation in Greensboro NC
  • April 1960-SNCC-Student Non violent Coordinating Committee
    • Sit ins across the country—espec. South
    • Protest segregation in restaurants/transportation etc