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Warm up

Using a piece of bulletin board paper, make a poster with your name and the college/university you will be attending in the fall. Please include your name, school colors, and mascot. If you’re a junior, use either Turner, ACC (Go Dolphins!) or the college/university you would like to attend.


Upon completion of this lesson, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate procedures to gain employment

  • Accurately complete a job application form using correct grammar, spelling and accurate information

  • Write an appropriate cover letter

  • Create a marketable resume

  • Define appropriate interview and work attire

  • Conduct practice interview

  • Discuss the role of attitude in the workplace

  • Develop list of jobs that are of interest to you based upon your personal skills and preferences

  • Identify various workplace documents and explain their purpose

Reality check
Reality Check

Complete a reality check at:


Warm up 2658075

  • An application/cover letter and résumé often are the first impression that a prospective employer will have of an applicant. They must be:

    • Visually appealing – typewritten on quality paper

    • Free of mistakes – spelling, punctuation, factual

Application forms
Application Forms


  • Print or type all items very neatly.

  • Use black ink.

  • All blanks must be completed.

    Completing an application

  • Read the instructions carefully.

  • Answer the questions truthfully.

  • Provide only positive information.

Helpful tips
Helpful Tips

  • Greet the receptionist politely when requesting or submitting an application. The receptionist's first impressions are often passed along.

  • Be honest in your answers.

  • Use blue or black ink pens. (Erasable pens are also helpful.)

  • Have all the information on hand that you might need to fill out an application, such as a fact sheet with the names and telephone numbers of your references and past employers. (see "Fact Sheet" below)

  • Print clearly and legibly.

  • Fill out the form neatly and accurately.

  • Apply for a specific position, rather than entering "anything," or "open" for the desired position.

  • Leave no blanks.

  • Write "Does Not Apply" (or "N/A" for Not Applicable) in the space if the question does not apply to you.

  • Explain lengthy gaps in your work history, for example, "attending school."

  • Read and check the application for completeness before turning it in to the employer.

  • Be sure to sign and date the application.

  • Mail or turn the application into the correct person or place


Warm up 2658075

Go on the internet and find an application (print in room 2510) for your dream job (what you want to do when you grow up) and compare it to the general application you filled out earlier. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the education requirement?

  • What is the starting salary?

  • What is the level of experience required?

    Turn it in at the end of the period.

Exit ticket
Exit Ticket 2510) for your dream job

What are 3 tips for filling out an application?

Cover letter
cover letter 2510) for your dream job

Warm up what s wrong with this
Warm-UP 2510) for your dream job : What’s wrong with this?

What is a cover letter
What is a 2510) for your dream job cover letter?

  • A cover letter introduces you and your resume to potential employers or organizations you seek to join (non-profits, educational institutions, etc).

  • It is the first document an employer sees, so it is often the first impression you will make.

  • Take advantage of this important first impression and prepare the reader for your application, stating why you are writing, why you are a good match for the job and the organization, and when you will contact him or her.


Guidelines 2510) for your dream job

Blocked business letter or a modified block business letter format may be used


  • Street Address, City, Province Postal Code at top left.

  • Place date at top left under address.

  • Use professional language.



Guidelines 2510) for your dream job


  • Letter is addressed to an appropriate individual (if in doubt: Attention: Hiring Committee).

  • Begins with appropriate prefix (i.e.: Mr., Mrs. Ms., Dr.).

    Opening paragraph

  • Begins with an original opening line.

  • Incorporates company-specific information on how the position fits student’s career goals.

  • Identifies desired position.

  • Catches readers attention.

Guidelines 2510) for your dream job


  • Consists of one to three paragraphs.

  • Highlights applicants most marketable attributes.

  • Highlights qualifications and experiences as related to employer needs.

  • Examples are used to demonstrate qualifications for the position.

    Closing Paragraph

  • Begins with a summary statement – “Hire me – I would be good for the job because…”

  • Indicates that the candidate is assertively seeking an interview; also indicates interview availability.

  • Includes the student’s contact information (phone number and email address).

  • Email address is professional.

  • Cover letter is closed with “Sincerely”; student’s typed name is included below with signature.

Assignment: 2510) for your dream job

You will have 30 minutes to compose you own cover letter. After the 30 minute timer has expired, hand it off to your shoulder partner for revision, that should take no longer than 10 minutes. Then, you will type and print your letter, and turn it in.

Exit ticket1
Exit Ticket 2510) for your dream job

How much influence do you think a cover letter has and why?

Resume part 1
Resume: part 1 2510) for your dream job

Warm up1
Warm-Up 2510) for your dream job

How many of you have a resume? If so, when did you last use it?

What is a resume
What is a Resume? 2510) for your dream job

  • A résumé is a brief document that summarizes your education, employment history, and experiences that are relevant to your qualifications for a particular job for which you are applying.

  • The purpose of a résumé (along with your cover letter) is to get an interview.

  • Research has shown that it takes an average of ten (10) interviews to receive one (1) job offer, so your résumé needs to be persuasive and perfect.


Resume format
Resume Format 2510) for your dream job

Résumé format can vary but must contain a written summary of information in a concise, logical order.

A résumé should include:

  • Personal identification

  • Employment objective / career goal

  • Educational background

  • Skills

  • Work experience

  • Personal references

Types of resumes
Types of Resumes 2510) for your dream job

  • Functional résumé—focuses on what you know and what you can do rather than on your work history. Great for people just entering the job market.

  • Chronological résumé—documents your work history with the most recent job listed first.

  • Combined résumé—lists job skills first followed by employment history. Allows you to highlight skillsneededfor the type of job you are seeking.

Tips for a great resume
Tips for a Great Resume 2510) for your dream job

  • Refer to Handout

  • Another great resource


4 of the worst resumes ever
4 of the Worst Resumes EVER 2510) for your dream job

Warning: The following were resumes that were actually turned into hiring managers.

Don’t try this at home!

Video resume
Video Resume 2510) for your dream job

  • In 2006, Vayner was a Yale senior seeking employment. And apparently he thought the best way to land an investment banker job was to send an 11-page resume to UBS complete with glamour shots and a video resume that included Vayner lifting weights, ballroom dancing, and breaking bricks with his karate skills.

  • It was quickly passed around the ranks of financial powerhouses and Vayner became the butt of many jokes in the industry.

Assignment 2510) for your dream job

The following is a BAD resume! Your goal is to find different aspects of this resume that are either wrong or that you can improve upon. Be sure to take notice of not only the content of this resume, but also its aesthetics and overall presentation. The next page is an example of possible improvements and suggestions to the same resume.

Exit ticket2
Exit Ticket 2510) for your dream job

Name 5 mistakes on a resume that can make an employer pass it over for the next one.

Resume part 2
Resume: Part 2 2510) for your dream job

Warm up2
Warm-Up 2510) for your dream job

Think about a job you would like to apply to. Write out an objective for your resume.

Resume review
Resume Review 2510) for your dream job

Name the components of a resume.

Assignment 2510) for your dream job

  • Take 50 minutes to write and type your resume.

  • Hand it off to your shoulder partner for revisions. (10 minutes)

  • Print to room 2510 and turn in for grade.

    Great resources:


    Resume Tips Worksheet

Interview part 1
Interview: Part 1 2510) for your dream job

Warm up3
Warm-Up 2510) for your dream job

Other than for job seeking, what else are interviews used for? When was the last time you were interviewed?

Interview 2510) for your dream job

  • You’ve applied for the job.

  • The hiring manager calls and leaves a message that they’d like to schedule an interview…what next??

Scheduling interview
Scheduling interview 2510) for your dream job

  • Speak clearly

  • State the purpose of the call

  • Set an appointment

Prepare for the interview
Prepare for the Interview 2510) for your dream job

  • Research the company you’re interviewing with.

  • Maintain a positive attitude about qualifications

  • Prepare a list of all educational experience

  • Provide information concerning previous jobs

  • Provide three personal references

Rehearse the interview
Rehearse the Interview 2510) for your dream job

  • Role play in front of a mirror

  • Record an interview to critique

Assignment common interview questions answer the following questions be prepared to be called on
Assignment: Common 2510) for your dream job interview questionsAnswer the following questions. Be prepared to be called on.

  • For what type of position are you applying?

  • What are your qualifications for this position?

  • What skills do you have that would help you in this position?

  • What motivates you?

  • How do you rate yourself as a leader?

  • What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

  • What do you feel are your greatest weaknesses?

  • What are your short term and long term goals?

  • Have you been dismissed from another job? Why?

  • Why did you leave your previous job?

  • How many days of school / work did you miss during the previous year?

  • What is your most important accomplishment to date?

Exit ticket3
Exit Ticket 2510) for your dream job

Write 1 interview question a person in your field of interest is most likely asked.

Interview part 2
Interview: Part 2 2510) for your dream job

Warm up4
Warm-Up 2510) for your dream job

First impressions are important and everyone is different as far as their perceptions. What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone.

Appropriate physical appearance
Appropriate physical 2510) for your dream job appearance

  • Be well groomed

    • Men: Clean Shaven

    • Women: Hair styled neatly

  • Clothes must be clean, in good repair, and a step above the standard work attire for the organization


  • Clothes should be conservative, not loud and flashy

  • No flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, or jeans!

  • Take a portfolio or brief case with pad and pen

During the interview
During the 2510) for your dream job interview

  • Display confidence, a positive attitude, and assertiveness

  • Shake hands and look the interviewer in the eye

  • Focus on accomplishments

  • Smile

  • Answer questions completely and truthfully

  • Maintain a good posture

  • Speak clearly

  • Focus on the job opening

During the interview1
During the 2510) for your dream job interview

  • Do not chew gum

  • Be positive

  • Don’t be a know-it-all

  • Remember your body language sends a strong message

  • Do not interrupt the interviewer

  • Answer thoughtfully

  • No slang or cursing

  • Make eye contact

  • Thank the interviewer before leaving

Assignment 2510) for your dream job

  • Using magazine clippings, and poster paper, create a collage with one of the following themes:

  • What not to wear to an interview

  • What to wear to an interview

  • You will present your collage to the class and share why you chose the examples that represent your theme.

Exit ticket4
Exit Ticket 2510) for your dream job

What is an appropriate way to close out an interview?