the world s worst powerpoint presentation n.
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The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation

The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation

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The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation

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  1. The World’s Worst PowerPoint Presentation Presented by: I. M. Boring

  2. This is wonderful and important text, but it is hard to see. Why? Do you think that this is any better? What might improve this?

  3. I really like this text, as it will be used to convey real important points. Some people like to use pictures as backgrounds. Although sometimes it can be effective, it can also make things real hard to read.

  4. Impact Resistance of Residential Wall Systems to Wind-Borne Debris In addition to their devastating winds, tornados and hurricanes are known to generate airborne missiles. These missiles can perforate the walls and roofs of buildings, putting the occupants at risk of injury or death. Penetration of the building envelope also exacerbates building interior damage, water penetration, and interior pressurization. With respect to residential and light commercial structures, missile impact resistance is usually quantified based on the ability of a wall system to withstand the impact of a 2 × 4 in. (50 × 100 mm) wood stud. Limited testing has been performed on the impact resistance of residential wall systems, and in particular brick veneer walls. This paper examines the impact resistance to wind-borne debris of three typical residential wall systems: vinyl siding, fiber cement board siding, and brick veneer. The testing focused primarily on hurricane-generated missiles. The missile impact performance of brick veneer walls is compared to the other types of wall systems.

  5. Fun with Animations Woo Hoo

  6. Top Five Ways to Put People to Sleep • Talk softly • Talk to screen • Talk in a monotone • Be disorganized • Read your presentation