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Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Training Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Training Game

Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Training Game

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Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Training Game

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Turn any PowerPoint Presentation into a Training Game!!

    2. Imagine giving a presentation, and awarding points for great comments or questions during the presentation;- Throwing in a bonus or trivia question to keep your group on their toes;- Giving points for performance on team building exercises; - then automatically tallying your groups great participation to announce a player or team winner at the end of your program!

    4. TGI Presentation Game This presentation will: Give you a brief review of the Main Game Screen and the Scoreboard within THE PRESENTATION GAME Show you different ways to use The Presentation Game. Briefly demonstrate how to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a Presentation Game

    5. Turn your presentation into a Presentation Game and

    6. How can I Use The Presentation Game?

    7. The Main Game Screen The Main Game Screen looks a lot like your original presentation The difference is you can award game points for: Great Player or Team Participation Correct Answers A Great Comment during Discussion A Good Presentation or Performance on a Team Exercise You make the RULES and award the points! LETS SEE HOW

    8. We selected a Team Building Presentation

    13. Playing the Game The Scoreboard has 3 important functions Keeping score of game points, bonus and extra points etc. Its also kind of the control center. From here we can Start a New Game, launch the Next Slide, Go to a different Presentation, view the Game Rules, or go to the Setup Screen.

    14. Playing the Game

    15. Different ways to use The Presentation Game

    16. Here youve made a game out of your teams ability to analyze their own sales data Pretty clever!

    18. Your mission to colonize the MOON! However, after your space craft lands on the Moon, you learn your crew has only enough oxygen to survive 7 days. Additional supplies arrive in 14 days. You do have enough water and food. Each team must develop and present a plan that will allow the mission to succeed.

    20. Any presentation should be much more than a talking head Theres NO END to the creativity and fun you can put into your presentation with THE PRESENTATION GAME

    21. How Do I Turn My Presentation into a Presentation Game?

    22. Bringing in your presentation Open your PowerPoint Presentation and use the PowerPoint Save As feature to convert your presentation slides to JPEG or GIF files

    23. save your new files into any of the three Folders used by the game (Slides1, Slides2 and Slides3)

    24. Open The Presentation Game and automatically bring in your presentation with just one button click ( Click the Get Files from Slides__ button) Bringing in your presentation

    26. Theres also some great game options on the games Setup Screen.

    27. Setup Screen Options Use a Game Clock Insert Player and Team Names Score with Points, Dollars Game Bucks etc. Name Your Own Game Show Change Category Sheet Names for multiple presentations in one program Toggle Sounds ON and OFF Maximize Game Screen


    29. Its Easy to do 1) Convert your PowerPoint slides into image files. 2) Bring your image files into the game. 3) SETUP and START TO PLAY!

    30. REMEMBER Presentations are interesting when your audience is engaged Asking questions keeps them involved Playing a Game makes participation fun and exciting!

    31. TGI PowerPoint Presentation Game!!