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Robert Zayas Parents, Coaches, Students 1 Hour Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Robert Zayas Parents, Coaches, Students 1 Hour Presentation

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Robert Zayas Parents, Coaches, Students 1 Hour Presentation
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Robert Zayas Parents, Coaches, Students 1 Hour Presentation

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  1. Robert Zayas Parents, Coaches, Students 1 Hour Presentation C

  2. Pursuing Victory With Honor C

  3. Best and Worst of Sportsmanship • Think of the best and worst example of sportsmanship that you have witnessed. • What made you remember these moments? • How did these moments effect the way you viewed sports? • YouTube - Top 10 Bad Sportsmanship Moments

  4. Society Today “We live in a society that is win at all cost. Our society has desensitized our values and it carries over to sport. We need to make improvements and hopefully, the next generation will be better than we are.” - Grant Hill

  5. Our World Today

  6. Our World Today • Teens spend an average of 16.7 hours online weekly—more than they spend watching TV. Some online drug manufacturers use this fact to market directly to kids and teens. • Typing the word “marijuana” into Google can yield over 28 million listings. • About 1/3 of victims of violent crimes are between the ages of 12-19. • 2800 teenagers become pregnant everyday. • About 1 in 3 high school students will not graduate • Over 3,000 youth smoke for the first time everyday

  7. American Males Today 5 million 7.3 million

  8. Our World Today • Typing the words “How To Cheat” into Google yields over 11 million listings.

  9. Does A Problem Exist In The World of Sports?

  10. Zidane Head Butt • 2006 World Cup • Average world-wide figure of 314.1 million viewers recorded per match. • FIFA WORLD CUP Germany 2006 • YouTube - Zinedine Zidane head butt

  11. Michael Vick

  12. Tim Donaghy NBA Basketball Official

  13. Fights and violent acts are occurring more and more often

  14. The Reality

  15. Our Kids look up to high school, college and professional athletes!

  16. NHL • YouTube - Sabres VS Senators BRAWL 2/22/07 • High School • YouTube - High School Hockey Fight

  17. Who is responsible for creating this problem?

  18. New MexicoBasketball Brawl Media?

  19. Coaches In Need of Remediation?

  20. Demanding Parents? “Pushy Parents” YouTube - Insane wrestling dad

  21. Unruly Fans?

  22. Pampered Athletes?

  23. Young People Who Lack The Understanding of Respect?

  24. Promoting Change • I am just one, but still I am one. I realize that I can not change everything, but I refuse to quit trying to change those things that I can.

  25. Promoting Change • One coach, one parent, one student, one administrator can lead the positive change in the face of high school sports.


  27. What is the Primary Mission of Your Institution and What Role Does a Sports Program Play in Advancing That Mission?

  28. State Championships?

  29. College Scholarships?

  30. Win at all cost?

  31. Life Long Learners and model citizens?

  32. Mission of Your Institution • To help young people become personally successful and socially responsible. • Sports and activities are an extension of the classroom. Do your actions on the field of play demonstrate your school’s mission?

  33. Where did P.V.W.H originate? • On May 25, 1999 nearly 50 influential leaders in sports issued the Arizona Sports Summit Accord to encourage greater emphasis on the ethical and character building aspects of athletic competition. • The Summit- “Pursuing Victory With Honor”- was sponsored by the Josephson Institute of Ethics.

  34. The Arizona Sports Summit Accord The result was the Arizona Accord a document of 16 core principles that establish a framework of principles and a common language of VALUES that can be adopted and practiced widely so that sports can do a better job of enhancing the character and uplifting the ethics of the nation. NOTE: Provide Arizona Accord to Coaches

  35. What Are the Primary Values Promoted by Your Sports Program? Are your sports program’s values connected to your school community and family values?

  36. Values • Values are the core desires, beliefs, and principles that motivate actions and shape the character of individuals and institutions.

  37. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE FACE OF HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS? What Values are you sending out to society?

  38. IT HAS GOTTEN UGLY!!! We have allowed it to be tattooed with behaviors that defy sportsmanship, and dyed with colors that hide the beauty and purity of high school sports We have permitted it to be pierced with: Violence Disrespect Profanity Win At All Costs Gamesmanship Poor Sportsmanship THIS FACE IS A REFLECTION OF AND REPRESENTS WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS TODAY

  39. What to do when two people approach a bear? • Today’s society-

  40. Building Character Through Sports

  41. Coaches Are the Decisive Element “I have come to a frightening conclusion. I am the decisive element in gym, on the field, or in the pool. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. As a coach, I possess a tremendous power to make an athlete’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated, and a child humanized or de-humanized.” — Adaptation of Haim Ginott by Dr. Tom Crawford, USOC Coaching Division

  42. AS Parents and Coaches WE DON’T WANT TO SEND MIXED SIGNALS

  43. A good way to think about the six pillars of character • If this was your daughter, sister or friend, what kind of a person would you hope she is marrying?

  44. Another way to think about the Six Pillars of Character……

  45. Trustworthiness • What does it truly mean to be trustworthy? • Athletes: • Can your coaches trust you? • Can your parents trust you? • Can your teammates trust you? • Are you worthy of trust? • Can parents trust the coach that they are caring for their athletes as if they are your own? • As parents, can you be trusted to support the programs and teams?

  46. Respect • Either you are respectful or you are not. • Not a matter of degree or sometimes

  47. Respect • Don’t engage in or permit profanity or obscene gestures during practices, sporting events, on team buses, or in any other situation where the behavior could reflect badly on the school or the sports program. What you permit, you promote! What you allow, you encourage!

  48. Respect