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Warm Up . Have out your notes from last class titled “What is Civics” We will discuss this and go over the answers. Warm-up: Functions of government. Fundamental Principles. Of American Government. Daily objectives. What are the 5 fundamental principles of American government?

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Warm up
Warm Up

Have out your notes from last class titled “What is Civics”

We will discuss this and go over the answers.

Warm up functions of government
Warm-up: Functions of government

Fundamental principles

Fundamental Principles

Of American Government

Daily objectives
Daily objectives

  • What are the 5 fundamental principles of American government?

  • Define each principles and recognize how it is used in your daily life.


  • What are some fundamentals that you work on in PE class or when you are practicing a sport or some other activity?

Fundamental principles1
Fundamental Principles

The basic ideas that are the foundation of American Government are:

  • Rule of Law

  • Limited Government

  • Consent of the Governed

  • Democracy

  • Representative Government

Individual activity
Individual Activity

On the worksheet provided

  • Read in the textbook on page 11 and write down a definition of each principle in the “What it says” column.

  • Then take a moment to think about what it means. In the next column, write down what you think that definition means in your own words.

  • Finally, write down how you think this principle in used in government or your daily life.

Rule of law
Rule of Law

What it means

Everyone must follow the rules even our leaders


What it says

All people including those who govern are bound by the law

Limited government
Limited Government

What it means

Government is only as powerful as the people allow it to be


What it says

Government is not all powerful- it may only do those things people have given it the power to do

Consent of the governed
Consent of the Governed

What it means

People allow the government to rule for them


What it says

American citizens are the source of all government power


What it means

The people have a voice in government


What it says

Government in which the people hold the power to rule

Representative government
Representative Government

What it means

People elect officials to run the government


What it says

People elect government leaders to make laws and govern on their behalf

Practice activity
Practice Activity

With the classmates at your table, complete the Chart Activity.

You are using critical thinking skills and applying what you know!

Homework activity
Homework Activity

You will create a Flip Book of the Fundamental Principles.

You will need:

  • 3 sheets of computer paper

  • Markers, colored pencils

    Wait for instructions by the teacher.

Fundamental principles of american democracy flip book
Fundamental Principles of American Democracy Flip Book

Objective check
Objective Check

  • Can you name the 5 fundamental principles of American government?

  • Can you define each of the fundamental principles or at least recognize and match the definitions and terms?

  • Can you apply how the principles are used?


  • Your Flip Book is

    Due at the end of Next class