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Aleph ILL at King’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Aleph ILL at King’s

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Aleph ILL at King’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aleph ILL at King’s. Centralised ILL at King’s. Background to ILL services at King’s Benefits Aleph set up Day to day workflows. Background to ILL services at King’s. Centralised service – one ILL unit Over 50% of ILL documents supplied are from e journals

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Presentation Transcript
centralised ill at king s
Centralised ILL at King’s
  • Background to ILL services at King’s
  • Benefits
  • Aleph set up
  • Day to day workflows
background to ill services at king s
Background to ILL services at King’s
  • Centralised service – one ILL unit
  • Over 50% of ILL documents supplied are from e journals
  • British Library’s 24 hour Premier service (UKRR membership) – over 95% of electronically delivered documents supplied within a day
  • OCLC Worldcat Resource Sharing
  • Custom ILL reports and KPIs
  • Ariel
  • SFX auto population of ILL request form where we don’t have electronic full text
benefits of a centralised ill service
Benefits of a centralised ILL Service
  • Staffing efficiencies
  • Efficiencies in Aleph e.g. one ILL unit, not several
  • Optimum use of Aleph functionality
  • Single point of contact for users
  • Single delivery address for suppliers – logistical efficiencies
  • Streamlined billing
set up of centralised ill service in aleph
Set up of centralised ILL service in Aleph
  • Create new Drury Lane sub library
  • Create KINGS ILL unit
  • Globally change all users’ ILL unit to KINGS
  • Set up transfer functionality for Drury Lane
day to day workflows in aleph2
Day to day workflows in Aleph
  • Running task manager
day to day workflows in aleph3
Day to day workflows in Aleph
  • Communicating with the end user
day to day workflows in aleph4
Day to day workflows in Aleph
  • Receiving copies and loans
day to day workflows in aleph5
Day to day workflows in Aleph
  • Transfer functionality
day to day workflows in aleph6
Day to day workflows in Aleph
  • Article request service
aleph 21 ill enhancements
Aleph 21 ILL enhancements
  • Aleph 21 version release January 2011
  • Check loan routines that calculate patron’s cash limits with additional parameter to include/exclude cash types when calculating patron’s balances. For example: ILL cash transactions can be excluded when checking patron’s cash limit upon loan.
  • Display patron info in ILL request - patron info has been added to display on GUI- ILL- Borrowing Request details. Having the info avail in ILL facilitates ILL borrowing request processing (rather than moving to GUI- Circ. Info is driven from patron’s local ADM library record (Z305-SUB-LIBRARY=ADM). It includes status, type and patron expiry date
  • Renewing ILL requests – renew ILL Borrowing Request is now supported for the following workflows: ILL module; GUI-Circulation patron’s loans list; WEB OPAC and RestFull APIs. Supported ILL Protocols for requesting a renewal: ISO; Danzig; SLNP (actual renew); Letter; BL.

Source: “New features in Aleph 21” YifatLulav (Development Analyst, EXL)

ners voting aleph v22 enhancements
NERS voting – Aleph v22 enhancements
  • Outline of the enhancement voting process
  • Review of Aleph enhancements for the 2012 voting cycle
ners voting process
NERS voting process

2012 Timeline for ELUNA/IGeLU Aleph Enhancements

  • Sept. 15, 2011: NERS database is closed to new enhancement requests
  • Sept. 15 – Oct. 15: PWG’s clarify and validate requests
  • Oct. 15: First vote period opens
  • Nov. 1: First vote closes
  • Nov. 1-15: ELUNA and IGeLU PWG’s each select their top 30 requests for pointing and forward them to ExLibris
  • Nov. 15 – Mar. 1, 2012: ExLibris assigns development points, PWG’s work with ExLibris to clarify requests and pointing
  • Mar. 1-15: Final round of voting
  • Mar. 15-30: PWG’s select final enhancements to submit to ExLibris
  • April 1, 2012: PWG’s submit final enhancements to ExLibris


NERS database:

Membership queries:

ners cycle 2012 ill enhancements
NERS cycle 2012 – ILL enhancements
  • Monitoring patron ILL quota - Wish to have the facility to be able to easily see how many requests a patron has used and how much of their current annual ILL quota remains.. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Aleph Setting ILL quotas for lifetime of patron rather than each academic session - Can the time period of quotas, currently managed via aleph_startsetenvill_total_limit_period, be enhanced to specify which patron status codes have their counters reset at the start of a limit period, and those which will not be reset. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Increased number of ILL patron letter templates - Currently the limit of configurable letter templates is 36 (ill-patron-letter-a.xsl through to ill-patron-letter-z.xsl, and, ill-patron-letter-0.xsl through to ill-patron-letter-9.xsl). We would like this to be increased, perhaps by allowing a combination of alpha and numeric letter codes in the file names such as -a1.xsl, -a2.xsl etc. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Enhancements to p-ill-75 'Send requests to the British Library' service - We wish to specify which request types, identified by the presence of specific BL keywords, are included or excluded, along with being able to assign different form formats. Currently it defaults just one form format of '00' and does not allow request types to be identified. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Push to Patron' button from ILL module to Circulation module (Nottingham Trent)
  • Editing all of 'Bibliographic Details' within ILL request tab - We wish to be able to edit all of the 'bibliographic details' of submitted requests via the ILL module rather than only being able to edit some fields, the rest being editable only via the Cataloguing module basic MARC record created for the request. (Nottingham Trent)
  • Increase number of characters allowed in ILL letter free text note (Nottingham Trent)
ners cycle 2012 ill enhancements1
NERS cycle 2012 – ILL enhancements
  • Locally configure which request codes will NOT count towards patron's ILL quota - We wish to locally configure which of the borrowing request status codes will NOT count against a patron's ILL quota. Currently only the 'Deleted - failed to acquire' with status code 'DEL' will achieve this. However, for accounting purposes we also need to be able to determine further categories of deleted requests, such as:
  • * 'Deleted - by the patron' with status code 'DBP'
  • * 'Deleted - no patron response' with status code 'DNR'
  • * 'Deleted - requested rejected' with status code 'DLR‘ (Nottingham Trent)
  • Duplicate borrowing request bibliographic data – A patron may want multiple volumes from a set or articles from a journal. Currently library staff must search for the title or type in all of the information to create the ILL request.

Desired functionality: Library staff would like to be able to duplicate borrowing request data to create a new borrowing request.

Library staff should be able to highlight a borrowing request and click on a “Duplicate” button. (Minnesota State University)

  • Borrowing request - Unfilled and Expired requests add previous supplier to request - Currently a borrowing library can’t add the same lending library onto a request. On Unfilled and Expired borrowing requests, library staff may want to send a borrowing request back to a lending library that did an Answer Unfilled or that they received an Expired message from. The lending library may have Answered Unfilled because the item was checked out at the time the request initially came to the lending library. The borrowing library is unable to simply add the lending library back onto the request and attempt to get the item again. They must create a new request for the item. (Minnesota State University)
ners cycle 2012 ill enhancements2
NERS cycle 2012 – ILL enhancements
  • Patron status display in ILL Request - Libraries provide services to distance or online students who may never attend classes on-campus. The distance or on-line patrons are given a patron status different from traditional on-campus students to help determine what services this patron receives. Interlibrary loan staff may mail interlibrary loan requests to distance or online students. Currently to see the patron status library staff must look up each patron in circulation. It would be extremely helpful for the processing of interlibrary loan requests if the patron status, patron type and patron expiration date displayed on the ILL request-Request Details tab. (ERS)
  • Allow printing of multiple requests - Currently ILL requests (in the functional mode) must be either printed one at a time or in batch via a service. Additionally, the requests must be printed one per page. The ability to select more than one request via the upper pane (through use of the ctrl key) and click 'Print' to obtain prints of multiple requests without clicking the 'Print' button multiple times. There should also be a setting to allow more than one request to be printed per page - this setting should be OPTIONAL. (ELUNA)
  • Separate logical base for borrowing and lending - The ILL unit should be able to define a logical base used to check local ownership during the borrowing locate and should be able to define a different logical base used to locate items in the local catalog when a lending request is received. (ELUNA)
aleph ill questions and answers
Aleph ILL: Questions and Answers
  • How can we see how many requests a user has made, in the ILL module? (Jill, NTU)
  • I am interested in finding out if other libraries have a problem with searching Words from Title and Words from Title (history) in the ILL Client.We are using v.20 in Maynooth (Bernie, National University of Ireland Maynooth)
  • Is anyone using the ILL module for lending/supplying loans/retention copies to other libraries? (Lesley, UCL)