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WFG Orientation

WFG Orientation

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WFG Orientation

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  1. WFG Orientation Why WFG? And Getting Your Business Started Gosby King, Jr & Shirley Wesley King

  2. Welcome & Introduction • We are the Company that is dedicated to Leaving No Family Behind Financially. We are a Company of associates who pledge to give our best knowledge, skills and services to the families we educate. • Our commitment is to educate families so that they can become financially knowledgeable and therefore financially independent. • Welcome, you have joined the crusade. • Let’s get moving.

  3. You Are Now a WFG Associate • You have an ID# that will be used to track all of your business from today until you decide when and how large your business will grow. • You should logon, and setup a password. Follow prompts. Any trouble contact your MD or SMD. • You have committed to a journey of continuous learning and training where you will be MENTORED through this process. • You will become a highly ethical, caring, and committed professional. • You now have your own website called; through it you will learn many things that will help you build your business. Commit to becoming an Excellent student of the WFG business. • It is YOUR business. You are in business for yourself but not BY YOURSELF

  4. Log on to • Go to • Go to WFG University • Go to Products & Services • View the following courses: Long Term Care, Index Universal Life (IUL) Course, Fixed Annuity Course and Product Sales Training Course (download this one onto your hard drive for future reference.) • You will want to read the first three courses very carefully as you will be given a short quiz which you must pass with 70% accuracy. Once you pass the courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Print a copy for your files. Successful completion will also be logged onto your Associate Transcript on your web page.

  5. WFG University Continued • Once you download Product Training, print a hard copy (34pp in pdf form) for study purposes. This material will be very helpful to you in preparation for your license exam. • Purchase 5 subject Mead notebook, Xuan Nguyen’s book Building People ($5), name badge for $7 (Tanya) • Purchase copy of the Business Format System BFS) Manual ($10). Both of these books can be purchased through your MD or SMD. • NOTE: while you are doing these things, be sure to get with your MD or SMD immediately to begin your FIELD TRAINING.

  6. Business Decorum(Conduct) • Dress sharp (business attire; suits (no jeans or tennis shoes); make-up, hair and dress should reflect the business arena we represent. Your wardrobe may have to change as you become the new professional and owner of your own business. • All associates are to attend the weekly Business/Training meetings; Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6:30pm to 9pm, Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

  7. Momentum Zone (Mozone) • Come to all meetings at least 30 minutes early to greet guests and stay late to insure that the office is left in order for next meeting. • All associates are expected to assume some role in insuring that the Mozone is properly staffed. Specifics will be handled by MDs and SMDs.

  8. FastStart Training is Required of all Associates • Each associate must attend the scheduled FastStart Classes. A schedule will be made available to new associates once they have completed the eAMA or paper application. • Next Step -FASTSTART • JUMP STARTING YOUR BUSINESS. Be ALL IN, embrace a positive attitude, bring energy, dedication, commitment and conviction to WIN. Remember your DREAM(s). WFG is the best opportunity in North America. Make yours work.