The fly that would be king
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THE FLY THAT WOULD BE KING. Glossina. African Sleeping Sickness. 300-500,000. African trypanosomiasis Trypomastigote morphology. Salivarian trypanosome groups. Trypanosoma vivax – Old and New World of large mammals – Mechanical transmission using many vectors

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African trypanosomiasis trypomastigote morphology l.jpg
African trypanosomiasisTrypomastigote morphology

Salivarian trypanosome groups l.jpg
Salivarian trypanosome groups

Trypanosoma vivax – Old and New World of large mammals –

Mechanical transmission using many vectors

Trypanosoma congolense – Old World of large mammals–

Mouthpart development in Glossina

Trypanosoma brucei/evansi –

brucei group includes: T. brucei brucei –nagana in cattle

T. brucei gambiense – chronic or West

African sleeping sickness

T. brucei rhodesiense – acute or East

African sleeping sickness

All have full development in Glossina

evansi group includes: T. evansi – mechanical transmission in

many vectors including

vampire bats

T. equinum – mechanically transmitted

by horse flies

T. equiperdum – sexually transmitted

Trypanosoma life cycle l.jpg
Trypanosoma Life Cycle

African ecology and vector distribution l.jpg
African Ecology and Vector Distribution

Glossina palpalis group

Glossina palpalis group

Glossina morsitans group

Glossina life cycle l.jpg
Glossina – Life Cycle

8 – 9 days

6(male) –

14(female) weeks

4 – 5 weeks

Glossina life cycle cont l.jpg
Glossina - Life Cycle (cont.)

Natural reservoir hosts l.jpg
Natural Reservoir Hosts

Thompson’s gazelle




Domesticated reservoir hosts l.jpg
Domesticated Reservoir Hosts




African trypanosomiasis treatment l.jpg
African trypanosomiasisTreatment

Suramin - Pentamidine





Aventis Pharm & WHO

Africa grassland burning l.jpg
Africa Grassland burning


Zambezi River