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The Age of Jackson. Jacksonian Democracy. Who was Andrew Jackson?. Home State- Tennessee 1767-1845 Andrew Jackson’s election and Presidency was the beginning of the “common” man. He turned the Presidency into a more powerful office. Why was Andrew Jackson so popular?.

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Who was andrew jackson
Who was Andrew Jackson?

Home State- Tennessee


Andrew Jackson’s election and Presidency was the beginning of the “common” man. He turned the Presidency into a more powerful office.

Why was andrew jackson so popular
Why was Andrew Jackson so popular?

  • War Hero during the War of 1812 and the Seminole Wars.

  • Was born poor, but became a powerful person.

  • Was seen as a “Common Man”.

What is the common man
What is the “Common Man”?

  • Regular person.

  • Usually poor.

  • Usually a farmer.

  • Usually from the South or West.

Who were the democrats
Who were the Democrats?

  • The Party of the “Common Man”.

  • Popular with farmers, immigrants, poor people, and Southerners.

  • Andrew Jackson became the leader of the party.

What was the spoils system
What was the “Spoils System”?

  • Andrew Jackson was the first President to replace government workers with his own supporters as a gift.

  • Some of these supporters were not qualified for their jobs.

What was the kitchen cabinet
What was the “Kitchen Cabinet”?

  • The Kitchen Cabinet were Andrew Jackson’s friends that he relied on for advice.

  • Jackson preferred the advice of his friends than the advice of politicians/government workers.

How did andrew jackson change the presidency
How did Andrew Jackson change the Presidency?

  • Jackson was the first president to think of himself as the leader of the government.

  • Jackson claimed that since the President is the person elected by everyone, the President should be in charge.

What is the presidential veto
What is the Presidential Veto?

  • Veto Power- The Power of the President to reject laws. Vetoes could only be overturned by a 2/3’s vote by Congress.

  • Altogether, the first six presidents vetoed ten bills. In Jackson's eight years in office, he vetoed twelve.

What is andrew jackson s legacy
What is Andrew Jackson’s legacy?

  • Andrew Jackson changed the American Presidency.

  • The President became the leader of the government.

  • Government became more political and personality mattered more.

What was the tariff of 1828
What was the Tariff of 1828?

  • (1) The Tariff of 1828 taxed imports from Europe.

  • The Tariff of 1828 was supported by the north (helped manufacturers) and opposed to by the south (hurt farmers).

What is nullification
What is Nullification?

  • South Carolinians promoted an idea called nullification in order to remove the Tariff of 1828.

  • Nullification stated that states could void/cancel any Federal laws they deemed unconstitutional.

What was president jackson s response to nullification
What was President Jackson’s response to Nullification?

  • Jackson thought the nullification doctrine was treasonous (betrayed the country).

  • Jackson knew that Nullification would eventually lead to the breakup of the U.S.

Who was john c calhoun
Who was John C. Calhoun?

Home State-South Carolina


As Vice-President of the U.S. Calhoun fought with Jackson over the idea of Nullification. Nullification said states could cancel out Federal Laws.

Why was henry clay important
Why was Henry Clay important?

  • “My only regret as President is that I didn’t shoot Henry Clay and hang John Calhoun”.


    Henry Clay came up with the compromise that ended the Nullification Crisis.

    He helped lower taxes in the South.

What was the second national bank
What was the Second National Bank?

  • Private bank in Philadelphia responsible for making loans.

  • Most of the money in the bank was owned by Europeans and rich individuals.

Why was andrew jackson against the second national bank
Why was Andrew Jackson against the Second National Bank?

  • Andrew Jackson fought against rich people as the hero of the Common Man.

  • Banks often closed on people’s farms.

What do andrew jackson s fights tell us about his values
What do Andrew Jackson’s fights tell us about his values?

  • Andrew Jackson was a fighter.

  • Andrew Jackson fought for the Common Man; Southerners, farmers, Westerners.

Why did slavery grow under andrew jackson
Why did slavery grow under Andrew Jackson?

  • The Southern economy grew more dependent on slavery under Andrew Jackson.

  • More land became available for plantations.

Who were the cherokee indians
Who were the Cherokee Indians?

  • The Cherokee Indians lived in the South.

  • The Cherokees were the largest of the “Five Civilizes Tribes”.

  • They adopted European customs and culture.

Why were the cherokee indians moved
Why were the Cherokee Indians moved?

  • The Cherokee’s land was farm land that Southern farmers wanted.

  • Gold was discovered in Cherokee land.

What was worcester v georgia 1832
What was Worcester v. Georgia? (1832)

  • Chief Justice John Marshall and a majority of the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee were an Independent nation and Georgia had no power or rights above the Cherokee.

What was the indian removal act
What was the Indian Removal Act?

  • Passed in 1830.

  • Allowed the Federal Government to remove Indians from their land and move them to Oklahoma.

What was the trail of tears
What was the Trail of Tears?

  • From 1831-1840.

  • Soldiers removed Native Americans from their homes in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama.

Why did andrew jackson support the trail of tears
Why did Andrew Jackson support the Trail of Tears?

  • Andrew Jackson removed the Native Americans in order to help Southern farmers get more land.

Why is the trail of tears seen as a tragedy
Why is the Trail of Tears seen as a tragedy?

  • Over 100,000 Indians were moved from their homes.

  • At least 5,000 passed away in the journey.