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Journalism 2300: News Photography

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Journalism 2300: News Photography. Week Five February 21, 2011. Announcements. Extra Credit: Wing Young Huie Presentation Did anyone attend? What I learned: Still uses film! Asks permission to take photograph At first nervous, but relax. To be a better photographer….

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journalism 2300 news photography

Journalism 2300:News Photography

Week Five

February 21, 2011

  • Extra Credit: Wing Young Huie Presentation
    • Did anyone attend?
    • What I learned:
      • Still uses film!
      • Asks permission to take photograph
      • At first nervous, but relax
the week in pictures
The week in pictures
  • MSNBC:
let s look at your major assignment i feature photo
Let’s look at yourMajor Assignment I: Feature photo
  • Overall excellent variety of shots
  • Impressed with your growth as photographers!
  • Remember: Constructive criticism
  • Need a “news hook” for photos
  • Put name at end of caption
  • Put photograph want graded first in album
  • Bracket, bracket, bracket!
  • Need to answer 5Ws and H in caption
  • Get familiar with Associated Press Stylebook!
Alex Chambers keeps score during an intramural basketball game Thursday night in UMD's Romano Gym.  Chambers' team lost the game.

Soft focus; camera focused on background. Too close! Strong caption. Time for editing!

Connie, Scott, Adam (7), and Jack (9) Dodge watch a porcupine climb up its cage at the Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel and RV Show at the DECC on Feb. 17.

Strong composition. Good emotion. Curious what looking at! Check title – good caption!

Singer/songwriter Vince Cadillac performs at Beaner's Central cafe in West Duluth on Feb. 16 to a crowd of amateur music enthusiasts.  Beaner's Central has become a hotspot for local musicianstrying to get exposure in the Duluth music industry.

Extremely difficult lighting. Good experimentation with bracketing. Tough to hand hold!

An early spring in February? On Feb. 16 the 40 degree temperatures brought this local Duluth couple to the boardwalk  in Canal Park to enjoy some fresh air.

Strong composition. Exposure tricky with light sky, dark foreground. Strong caption.

The Fish Lake Lutheran Sunday School children and Pastor Dale Stiles perform music during worship on Feb. 13.  The growing congregation in Harris, Minn. includes many youth.

Slow shutter speed, but works with strong composition.

The warm weather has encouraged many people to spend the afternoon down by Lake Superior.  It was nearly fifty degrees on Feb. 16. 

Style: numbers. Strong composition. Horizon straight? Need more in caption.

Sparky Stensaas (bottom right) leads a bird watching group that includes Irene Grysman (far left), Saul Grysman (middle right), Paul Roisen (top left), and Dave Lambeth (top right) in Duluth's Canal Park, Thursday, Feb. 17. The group will be heading to the Sax Sim Bog, near Eveleth this weekend, with 110 other birdwatchers from 17 different states.

Excellent composition. Tells story. Fog adds mood. Spelling: Sax Zim Bog

Animal keeper Danny Atkinson, 37, from Wolves, Wood and Wildlife lends a helping hand to his Albino Raccoon, Fingers. The duo was in town on Feb. 17 for the annual Duluth boat, sports, travel and R.V. show at the DECC.

Strong composition, focal point. Good caption – need full title!

Xaiver, a pug, flashed his smile Jan. 30th at the Cutest Puppy contest held every year  before the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in the Fitgers complex. 

Style: Dates Can crop out side; doesn’t need to be in the center. Owner?

MaddyBabineau thoroughly enjoys her marshmallow on Feb. 12 at Duluth's annual "Warmer by the Lake" Festival.

Strong composition! Many strong photographs. Good caption, could add age, where from.

Duluth got its first glimpse of Spring on Feb. 16 with temperatures reaching as high as 50 degrees. Here a couple and their dog enjoy sitting by the lake at Leif Erickson Park.

Excellent composition. Strong focal point. What lake? Names?

Several minutes after closing time of Duluth's Big Jig Ice Fishing Contest 2011 in Pike Lake, Minn. Thousands of people attending this annual event in Feb. 13.

Tough to find focal point in overview. Exposure challenges. One sentence caption strongest.

Sixteen teams of UMD students come out to participate in intramural curling every Wednesday night at the Duluth Curling Club.

Style: Dates Strong composition, angle. Different look!

A Duluth Zoo zookeeper introduces the snake, "Damian" to UMD student Ryan Dezurik last Wednesday afternoon. Damian is a mild tempered snake that enjoys interacting with excited Duluth Zoo visitors.

Strong photo. Excited?? Exposure tricky with light background. Ethics? Good variety.

Boxer Nick Wasmikz warms up before his match for Horton's Golden Gloves hosted at Grandma's Sports GardenThurs.

Style: Thursday Good photo, angle distracting. Good subject. Lighting a challenge! Could be a sports shot.

A girl from the 10U Junior Mirage hockey team out of Hermantown goes after the puck as the goalie and another player from Moose Lake keep it away at the Hermantown Hockey Arena on Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011. Hermantown won 2-1 and are now seated first in the playoffs which will take place March 4-6.

Strong composition, action. Exposure challenge. Excellent caption.

Two girls wait for a fish to bite at the Big Jig on Feb. 13 at Pike Lake.

Strong composition, subject. Exposure challenges. Need names, more on Big Jig.

Unseasonably warm temperatures produced dense fog over the theLakewalk in Duluth, Minn.

When? What’s missing?

UMD Intramural basketball players watch a shot hit the rim in Romano Gymnasium on Feb. 16. Students use intramurals to stay active and be competitive with each other.

Good subject, unclear about focal point. Could crop, but basketball different angle.

The snow sculpture at the corner of 21st Avenue East and Fourth Street in Duluth began to melt on Feb. 16 when temperatures reached 55 degrees.

Good composition, exposure, focal point. Need a lot more in caption!

Partners use each other as support while learning new stretches during Valentine's Partner Yoga on Feb. 14 in the Sports and Health Center at UMD.

Strong composition, focal point. Good caption. Exposure challenges!

let s critique each others work
Let’s critique each others’ work
  • Work in small groups to review your classmates’ work
  • Discuss where you took the photos, and challenges you faced/overcomed
day in pictures
Day in Pictures
  • San Francisco Chronicle Web site at:
upcoming major assignments
Upcoming major assignments

Major Assignment II: Winter Events

* Due NOON on Friday, March 4

Major Assignment III: Portraits

* Due NOON on Friday, March 11

Major Assignment IV: Sports

* Due NOON on Friday, April 1

Major Assignment V: Spot News

* Due NOON on Friday, April 15

major assignment ii outdoor winter activities
Major Assignment II:Outdoor Winter Activities
  • Shoot from a variety of angles: above, down low
  • List of outdoor winter activities
    • Did you attend any this weekend?
  • Final photographs due: Friday, March 4
  • Can also attend other outdoor activities!

Using Picasa, send a link with your best photos to:

major assignment iii portraits personality photograph
Major Assignment III: Portraits/Personality Photograph
  • Environmental photograph of a person in an appropriate setting
  • Due: NOON on Friday, March 11
  • We’ll brainstorm ideas soon!
chapter 5 portraits
Chapter 5: Portraits
  • Photojournalists shoot both posed, candid portraits
  • Don’t need elaborate lighting, staging
  • Waiting for the moment
helping your subject feel comfortable
Helping your subject feel comfortable
  • Not everyone likes having their picture taken: Do you?
  • Talk it over
  • Look your subjects in the eye
  • Study your subjects
  • Wait until subject tired of posing!
    • Be a bore!
using light to tell the story
Using light to tell the story
  • High key effect:
    • Brightly lit, with few shadows
    • Wedding photographs
  • More moody effect with shadows
  • To add depth to a subject’s face
    • Main light on side of the face
  • Look for unusual light sources
    • Streetlight, projector, diffused lighting
compositional elements add impact
Compositional elements add impact
  • Each situation is different
  • Close-up versus scene-setter
  • Avoid busy backgrounds
    • Check depth of field
    • Look for unique lighting source
  • Props can help tell the story
provide clues to the inner person
Provide clues to the “inner person”
  • Face: Assumed to be “mirror of the soul”
  • Facial expressions:
    • Response to the current situation
  • Mary Ellen Mark:
    • Never asks subjects to smile
preconceiving the photo
Preconceiving the photo
  • When photographing a librarian, do you need to show books?
  • Come with an idea of what you’ll photograph, but be ready to try something new
environmental portrait
Environmental portrait
  • Details tell the story
  • Technically not different from traditional portraits
  • Shows person in their environment
  • Background the key: Use wide angle lens, maximum depth of field
  • Arnold Newman:
psychological portraits
Psychological portraits
  • Build photograph with subject
  • Annie Leibovitz
    • Imagines what photograph will look like
    • Goes beyond traditional portrait
group portraits
Group portraits
  • Show all the faces
    • Takes careful planning
  • Soft light works best
let s look at images in book
Let’s look at images in book
  • Josh Meltzer:
    • Former Duluth News-Tribune photographer
    • Page 95
photography lingo
Photography lingo
  • Shoot: take photos
  • Sharp photo: in focus
  • Soft: out of focus; not sharp
  • Flat light: Even, with no highlights
  • Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures
  • Shoot a lot of frames!
    • Take a lot of photos – memory cards are cheap!
major assignment iii portraits personality photograph1
Major Assignment III:Portraits/Personality Photograph
  • Environmental photograph of a person in an appropriate setting
  • Photographs due: Friday, March 11
  • Brainstorm ideas!

Using Picasa, send a link with your best photos to:


The mall

  • Subway
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Server
  • Animal shelter
  • Historical building
  • Church
  • Mailman
  • Kitchen at restaurant
  • Library
  • Daycare worker
  • Spirit mountain
  • aquarium
assignment due this friday at noon
Assignment due this Friday at noon
  • Self-portrait
  • Goal: To set up a photo shoot, and understand aperture/depth of field
in class assignment
In-class assignment
  • Go out and practice!
  • Download your photographs, upload to your Picasa web account
  • Share the link to your folder with your classmates
shutter speeds
Shutter speeds
how to hold your camera
How to hold your camera
expressions of motion
Expressions of motion
barry bonds brad mangin si
Barry Bonds: Brad Mangin, SI
summarize game in one photo
Summarize game in one photo
  • Stay until the end of the game
  • Summary shot might not be action shot
  • Crowd reaction
  • Coach reaction
  • Thrill of victory, agony of defeat…
sports photography techniques
Sports photography techniques
  • Freezing action
    • Shutter speed of at least 1/500 second for action sports
    • Let’s look at your cameras!
    • Speed of subject: sprinter vs. jogger

- Coming straight at you, or on side

    • Distance

- The closer that the camera is to moving subject, faster the shutter speed

getting sharp images
Getting sharp images
  • Bracket! Need a lot of exposures to get sharp sports images
  • Use autofocus
  • Select the autofocus point to capture the action
    • Center usually safest
sports tips for dslr
Sports tips for DSLR

reaction time
Reaction Time
  • Anticipating the action
    • If wait until crack of bat, you’re too late
  • Press the shutter release halfway down
basketball strategies
Basketball strategies
  • Stake a position
    • Don’t try to cover entire court
  • No flash!
  • Watch the key players, then anticipate where they will be on the court
  • Look for emotional shot
  • Difficult to stop action, but keep trying!
  • How Sports Illustrated works: p. 123
hockey tips
Hockey tips
  • Lighting a challenge indoors
  • Focus on key player, follow them
  • Focus on the puck – tough to follow!
  • Prefocus on an area in front of the goal and wait!
  • Avoid going behind goal – will just see goalie’s head
  • Move around for different angles
  • With DSLR, shoot through the glass
indoor sports photography
Indoor sports photography

more tips for sports photography
More tips for sports photography
and even more sports tips
And even more sports tips!
picasa 3 editing selecting photos
Picasa 3: Editing, selecting photos
  • Set up Google Account:
  • Go to:
  • Download Picasa 3
  • Upload photographs
  • Under File menu, select New Album
  • Type in Date/name of assignment
  • Select photos, drag to the album you created
  • Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album
  • Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption!
  • NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption
sharing album with me
Sharing album with me
  • Select the album you want to share
  • Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type
reading assignment for next week
Reading Assignment for next week:
  • Read Chapter: Multimedia
  • Read the Duluth News-Tribune!