blogs news and journalists or whose news is it anyway l.
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Blogs, news and journalists Or Whose News Is It Anyway? PowerPoint Presentation
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Blogs, news and journalists Or Whose News Is It Anyway?

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Blogs, news and journalists Or Whose News Is It Anyway? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blogs, news and journalists Or Whose News Is It Anyway? Jo Twist BBC News website technology reporter 11 October 2005

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Blogs, news and journalists Or Whose News Is It Anyway?

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blogs news and journalists or whose news is it anyway

Blogs, news and journalistsOr Whose News Is It Anyway?

Jo Twist

BBC News website technology reporter

11 October 2005

“The Roman Empire that was mass media is breaking up, and we are entering an almost feudal period where there will be many more centers of power and influence.”

: Orville Schell, dean of UC-Berkeley journalism school :

Business Week




News / eyewitness



“Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one, and blogging means practically anyone can own one. That is the number one reason why weblogs matter… a blog, you see, is a little First Amendment machine.”

: Jay Rosen, press critic :

“I do not underestimate the tests before us. We may never become true digital natives, but we can and must begin to assimilate to [our audience’s] culture and way of thinking. It is a monumental, once-in-a-generation opportunity, but it is also an exciting one, because if we’re successful, our industry has the potential to reshape itself, and to be healthier than ever before.”

: Rupert Murdoch :

Fast turnaround

News in 45 mins to 1 hour

Need immediate feed

Need immediate reaction and comment

Will check traditional news sources

Blogs for original stories

Blogs for opinion

Blogs for rumours

Blogs for offbeat news

Transformed my newsgathering

RSS key

Given vertical depth to newsgathering

Blogs reflect of wider conversation about news

Blogs will have absolute latest

PR websites don’t

Often they are first : Scobelizer

Not enough RSS on sites

Don’t have time to go searching

Need it to come to me

“Bloggers, through their links are dictating what is important on the net because they are basically linking to things that make Google think it’s very important.”

: Simon Waldman, Guardian Unlimited :

Blogs as network for our content

Blogs are not a threat

We should not call them “they”

We use our privileged position as journalists to check story

People trust the news if they see it on BBC

“I firmly believe that the point of weblogging is not merely to have your own blog, but to participate more fully in the public conversation. This means reading and commenting on other people’s blogs – ideally at least as much as you post in your own.”

: Amy Gahran :

Corporate blogs not a habit

Scobelizer is influential and valuable

But he is not official Microsoft blogger

Corporate blogs should be real

(would rather listen to a podcast)

Updated daily

Specialist knowledge or links

Informal personal tone

Reporting debate and being a filter


Outward linking


Encouraging conversation


But unless you get things right, you will be poo pooed

Format and RSSTone


Engagement with others through comments

Blogging is decentralising news and opinion

Works well with media producer such as the BBC which is supposed to be impartial

Bloggers link to us and form opinion

We provide balanced view

Blogging is a global public conversation

Bloggers talk about the BBC

Informal public watchdogs

Our role as the fact checkers

People trust us

“To my knowledge, this is a first. The article did not credit the photographer, Camoby, so it's unclear if the BBC purchased these images or if he works on staff or he simply let them use the photos gratis. His web site, however, does feature a BBC ticker. What's known is that these images were not published under a Creative Commons license. Now I am not accusing the BBC of any wrong doing. However, I do find it fascinating that the BBC may be pulling in consumer-generated images from Flickr rather than shooting their own work. If anyone has more information, it would be appreciated.”

: Steve Rubel, Micropersuasion :

Weather predicting pegs


Already blogged

So do we it?

Our job is to be accurate, not necessarily the first to report the news

… But speed still matters!

Challenges news and media

Chance to engage and to tell all sides of the story

Make us accountable

If you neglect blogosphere you risk disengagement and alienation

Blogs as reaction to patronising media

Blogs offer challenges to PR

Have to decide who YOUR audience is

Recognise the value of blogs as global public conversation and word of mouth

Beware the Chinese Whispers!

Remember the rules of engagement

what they show us
What they show us:

The iPod and mobile generation no longer want to be tethered to tradition news outlets

It wants news and information when it wants it, wherever it is, and from which ever voice it chooses

With the collaboration of traditional news and media organisations, a revolutionary future landscape can be defined


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