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Warm-up. Write today’s date and the question on your warm-up page. Then answer the question. Explain how political parties developed in the United States? Have your homework out ready to be checked. Vocabulary…. Your Vocabulary List should follow this order: Political party

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    1. Warm-up Write today’s date and the question on your warm-up page. Then answer the question. Explain how political parties developed in the United States? Have your homework out ready to be checked.

    2. Vocabulary… Your Vocabulary List should follow this order: • Political party • Two party system • Ballot • Third party • Platform • Apathy • Recruit • Polling place • Nominate • electorate

    3. Compare and Contrast the Republicans and Democrats • Tax cuts for low and middle class • Tax credit for elderly, college, environment • Pay for school programs • More govt involvement • More funds for public schools • No religion in schools • Keep troops around the world • Solve international conflicts • Invest in social security • Larger govt • Tax cuts for all • Tax credits for businesses • Less govt involvement • Funds for private schools • Be isolated in foreign affairs • Health insurance should be a local issue • Decrease social security • Smaller govt • Tax cuts • Tax credits • Funds for schools • Strong national defense

    4. Roles of Political Parties in the U.S. Lesson #2

    5. Daily Objectives • Name 4 roles or functions of political parties. • Explain how the 2 major parties are similar and different. • Describe third parties.

    6. Political parties play a key role in government and provide opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process.

    7. Roles/Functions of Political Parties

    8. Educate voters about campaign issues What role of political parties does this picture represent?

    9. What role of political parties does this picture represent? Recruit and nominate candidates

    10. What role of political parties does this picture represent? • Help candidates win elections

    11. Monitor the actions of officeholders

    12. What is a Watchdog ? The party that lost the election watches the party in power for any mistakes or misuse of power I’ll be watching you!

    13. Movie Time! “The Best Man” is a 1964 movie starring Henry Fonda. It is about a man seeking his party nomination to run for president. As you watch this clip: • Can identify the names of the presidents in the opening credits? • Do you recognize any of the roles of political parties, especially in the opening scenes? You will only watch about 6-7 minutes of this clip. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbJoI6yToc4

    14. A two-party system characterizes the American political process. Our two parties are the Democrats and the Republicans.

    15. Similarities and Differences of Political Parties

    16. Similarities Between Parties They try to reach as many people as possible, so they appeal to the “middle of the road” group. How do they do this?

    17. 1. Reflect both liberal and conservative views

    18. 2. Define themselves in a way that wins the majority support by appealing to the political center

    19. After watching this short video, explain how the candidate has : • 1. appealed to both conservative and liberal views • 2. appealed to the political center or moderates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YOh-rpvjYg&feature=related

    20. 3. They organize to win elections

    21. 4. Influence public policies

    22. Differences Between Parties

    23. These are stated in the party’s platform Platform

    24. 2. Reflected in the way they campaign

    25. Explain or describe this cartoon

    26. All political parties want to strengthen the country, but they often disagree over how to achieve their goals. You are wrong! NO… You are wrong!

    27. What happens if you do not believe in what one of the two majors parties stand for? You can join a third party!!

    28. Third Parties are sometimes called minor parties. They rarely win elections But they play an important role in public politics. How do 3rd parties then differ from the 2 major parties?

    29. They introduce new ideas As the 3rd Party candidate I promise to…

    30. Examples of 3rd parties George Wallace in 1968 (American Independent Party) • Socialist, Communist, and Libertarian Parties Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrat Party ran on a segregationist platform in 1948 Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Bull Moose Party in 1912 James Weaver the Populist Party • Prohibition Party in 1892

    31. Work for only one particular cause or issue

    32. Third Parties have influence • Major parties often take on the ideas of third parties • In 1992, both the Republican and Democratic Parties took on Perot’s reform government ideas about reducing the deficit George Bush (Republican), Ross Perot (Reform), & Bill Clinton (Democrat) during 1992 Presidential debate

    33. 3. Revolve around a political personality

    34. No minor third party as ever come close to winning the presidency • Only eight third party candidates have won any electoral votes • Only five, including Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 and Ross Perot in 1992 have won more than 10% of the popular vote

    35. What do shooting stars and third parties have in common? • Once the major parties incorporate their ideas, third parties burn out

    36. Political Parties form and function at all 3 levels of government federal, state and local.

    37. How much do you remember?

    38. Fact or Opinion __________Party members sometimes pass out pamphlets and fliers about their candidates. __________It is illegal to force someone to vote a certain way. __________Calling voters is a great way to remind them about the election. __________It is ok to spread false rumors about an opposing candidate. __________Political parties organize debates to discuss issues. __________There are two major parties in the US __________Political parties recruit and nominate candidates at the local, state, and national levels. __________ It is easier to register in person than at the DMV. __________ People with voter apathy do not care about government issues.

    39. Quick Check Assessment Get a sheet of scrap paper. Put your name on it. Number it 1-9. Be ready to answer the questions on the following slides. This is an assessment not a grade! But it will be recorded and used for remediation purposes.

    40. The leaders of the first two political parties in the United States were __________. a.  George Washington and John Adams   b.  Thomas Jefferson and George Washington   c.  John Adams and Alexander Hamilton   d.  Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

    41. 2. The American political system is best described as a… • one-party system. • two-party system. • three-party system. • system with multiple parties.

    42. 3. The series of statements expressing a party's principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues is called a __________. a.  plank   b.  platform   c.  floor   d.  soap box

    43. 4. The party that is out of office watches the actions of the other party for mistakes or misuses of power. This is called being a ____ a.  poor sport   b.  watchdog   c.  progressive   d.  plank

    44. 5.One purpose of political parties is to … • Cast electoral votes • Administer literacy tests • Set the age for voting • Recruit and nominate candidates for public office

    45. 6. The primary role of a third party is to… • keep the best candidate from winning. • inform the public about the shortcomings of the other parties. • highlight an outstanding candidate in order to gain name recognition for the next election. • introduce new ideas or to push for a particular issue.

    46. 7. People must listen to both political party platforms to… • attend party meetings. • identify differences between the parties. • discuss politics regularly with one’s neighbors. • influence the opinion of others.

    47. 8. All political parties want to strengthen the country, but they often disagree over… • How to achieve their goals • Who gets to go first • Who gets to be on television • Where to park their cars

    48. 9. Nominating candidates for public office is the main function of: • The executive branch • Congress • Political parties • Campaign volunteers