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chapter 4 african american substance users and abusers n.
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Chapter 4 – African-American Substance Users and Abusers PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 4 – African-American Substance Users and Abusers

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Chapter 4 – African-American Substance Users and Abusers

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  1. Chapter 4 – African-American Substance Users and Abusers

  2. See statistics on page 59 Adolescents • African American males and females report less alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and cocaine use than their white or Hispanic peers Personal Factors • In order to reduce or prevent initiation of tobacco use, interventions targeting African American youths should begin before they enter (7th) seventh grade • DARE – Afro-centric Approach Familial Factors • Contrary to television and movie stereotypes, African American youth use less illegal substances than their white peers • African Americans were much less likely than Hispanics and Whites to live in a two-parent household

  3. African Americans seem to be influenced by family structure differently than Whites and Hispanics • Female-headed African American household abstinence, rather than consumption of alcohol, is the norm Social Factors • There is evidence that tobacco is more easily accessed by African American teens • Athletics - White athletes more prone to use than African American athletes • Inner City - more African American youth approached to sell drugs College Students • African American youths use less hallucinogens and inhalants than their white peers

  4. African American college students are less likely than their White counterparts (and Hispanics) to use tobacco, marijuana and cocaine • Males more likely to use than females (African American) • Personal Reasons • African Americans at historically Black school use less alcohol and other drugs than those at White colleges • II. Familial Reasons • Living at home vs. living away from home whole in college • III. Social Reasons • Factors such as peer pressure, social norms and integration into the student subculture partially explain substance use behavior among African American young adults who attend college

  5. Substance Abuse Issues Among African Americans Alcohol Use • Most abused drug by African Americans • Smoking cigarettes is the number one risk factor for heart disease. [Billboard Ads] Prescription Drug Use • African Americans – Adults and youth – use fewer prescription drugs Pregnancy and Substance Abuse • Despite racial stereotypes, more White women than African American or Hispanic women smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy • African American women 10 times more likely than any other women to report illicit drug use • AIDS rate 10 to 15 times higher for African American women then White women (down low factor)

  6. Substance Use Perceptions and Reality • Most people envision a drug dealer as a young male African American • Most drug deals take place in African American communities. • Yet Whites are the biggest buyer of illicit drugs • Greater likelihood to be stopped, detained or arraigned for illegal drug possession

  7. Substance use Prevention General decline in the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and cocaine use among African Americans • Increases in cigarette price- Use goes down • Peer education program • Home interventions for drug-abusing women • Changing perceptions of Peer norms- Intervention programs using peers can be helpful in reducing alcohol consumptions • Relevant Health Education- Culturally relevant health education consists of developing health interventions that allow specific ethnic groups to cease or avoid high risk substance abuse behaviors