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African-American Media Consumption Trends PowerPoint Presentation
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African-American Media Consumption Trends

African-American Media Consumption Trends

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African-American Media Consumption Trends

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  1. African-American Media Consumption Trends Presentation to theFederal Communications Commission’sAdvisory Committee on Diversity Washington, DC

  2. TV and the Internet are the primary sources of media for African-Americans AFRICAN AMERICANS - % OF WEEKLY MEDIA HOURS Access Internet(Computer) Listen toRadio 32% 17% Access Internet(Mobile Phone) ReadMagazine 8% 8% 8% 26% Watch TV ReadNewspaper Source: BET African Americans Revealed 2009 n=2400 AAs 14-55

  3. African Americans watch more TV than other ethnicities across all demographic groups… AVERAGE DAILY TV VIEWING (HOURS) 11:13 8:56 8:01 7:06 6:34 6:31 5:41 4:39 4:33 4:01 3:52 4:08 3:36 2:57 AAs All Others Source: Nielsen African American Television Viewing Report Oct-Nov 09

  4. …and their TV usage exceeds all others every hour of the week TELEVISION USAGE AMONG HOUSEHOLDS(Monday – Friday) TELEVISION USAGE AMONG HOUSEHOLDS(Saturday – Sunday) AAs All Others Source: Nielsen African American Television Viewing Report Oct-Nov 09

  5. African-American broadcast viewing habits are similar to others, however cable viewing habits are drastically different 4 common shows among top 10 BROADCAST No common shows among top 10 CABLE Source: CY09 Nielsen Marketbreaks (Live +7 Data) 12.29.08 - 12.27.09 (Programs <5 telecasts, Movies, and Sports Excluded)

  6. African American broadband adoption lags the general population, and is particularly low among vulnerable subgroups US Broadband Adoption Rates African American broadband adoption lags that of the general population 67% 59% Source: OBI Working Paper Series No. 1, FCC, Feb. 2010 & African American Subpopulation Adoption Rates Non-adoption is most severe in groups that would most benefit from broadband 45% 36% 27% Source: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Report on National Minority Broadband Adoption, Feb. 2010

  7. Relevance has proven to be a key barrier to adoption TOP REASONS FOR NON-ADOPTION OF BROADBAND FCC Joint Center Pew Foundation Top Reasons for Non-Adoption of Broadband Among Americans Top Reasons for Non-Adoption of the Internet Among African Americans Top Reasons for Non-Adoption of Broadband Among African Americans Source: Joint Center Report on National Minority Broadband Adoption, Feb. 2010 Source: Pew Internet Home Broadband Adoption Study, June 2009 Source: OBI Working Paper Series No. 1, FCC, Feb. 2010

  8. However, African Americans who participate in Web 2.0 activities are more active than the general population MONTHLY ACTIVITIES OF POWER/WEB 2.0 INDIVIDUALS AAs Whites Source: Forrester Research Technographics Q2 2010 Online Benchmark Study (n=26,749) Web 2.0/Power Users are those proficient among the top three rungs of their Social Technographics Ladder: Critics, Conversationalists, & Critics)

  9. African Americans consume news differently AAs watch less TV news overall… …but are more likely to watch local news & cable news AAs are also more likely to get news from the internet… …and less likely to read the newspaper AAs Others Source: Nielsen MarketBreaks and NPower – April 2010; Pew Research Center Biennial News Consumption Survey

  10. BETN's multi-platform programming strategy reflects and drives African American media consumption trends AFRICAN AMERICAN MEDIA CONSUMPTION TRENDS Mobile Platform: Television On-line High consumption of ethnically-oriented shows High engagement with Web 2.0 activities Massive smart phone adoption and utilization Key Media Trend: BET Executions: • Original AA sitcoms • AA late night talk show • AA reality series • AA awards shows & specials • Licensed AA movies & sitcoms • Mobile website • Mobile video • Mobile voting • Twitter integrations • Mobile fan clubs • Integrated social networking features • Online video • Webisodes • Digital downloads • UGC

  11. Our news strategy reflects the audience’s consumption patterns and leverages each platform’s strengths TV Online Mobile Briefs • Video, articles and blogs • Additional information and resources • On demand content • Interactive features – polls, comments, tools • Social networking features • Links to other related sources of information WeeklyRoundups In-DepthFeatures

  12. Web-only series, like “Buppies” and “Shop Talk”, compliment our online video offerings of network series and music videos Web Series Strategic Rationale Current Examples • Strong consumer demand for on-line video • Leverages our ability to promote on-air • Supports creative community’s ability to produce short-form content • Allows us to tell more stories and establish new programming franchises • Growing audience desire for control of the experience and on-demand access • Able to differentiate from typical UGC • High quality production • Star talent • Ad-support and sponsorship model established • BUPPIES • Starring Tatyana Ali • Sponsored by P&G’s Queen Collection • SHOP TALK • Starring Malik Yoba • Sponsored by Gillette

  13. We’ve been among the most aggressive in integrating Twitter into our live programming franchises & & What we do… What we did… • Hosts prompt audience to tweet about various topics- Pose celebrity guests questions - Share POV and start dialogs- Control segments on show (e.g. music played, etc.) • Proactively drive trending topics every weekday • Display interesting audience tweets on-air • Established #BETAwards and encouraged its usage from the red carpet, on-stage, and on • A real-time moderated stream of awards-related comments appeared on the “Wall of Tweets” on • The best audience tweets were shown on-screen in a “Twitterific Encore” Results… Results… • Gave audience an outlet for expression and created a greater sense of community around the show • Unprecedented 9 out of 10 trending topics were related to BET Awards which helped drive new viewership • Audience gets to impact the show they see on-air • Driving current ratings increases in the show

  14. For the BET Awards 2010, we are continuing to innovate with a partnership with AOL called “Fandemonium” Leverage fans’ existing digital relationships with artists… …by measuring and reporting on key metrics in a competitive environment… …and giving the artist with the most digitally engaged fans a BET Award • Artists with extremely social-networked fan bases • Following / Friending • UGC (e.g. mashups, covers, etc.) • Downloads (e.g. mixtapes, ringtones, etc.) • Series of interactive artist-related challenges AOL Fandemonium Award

  15. Recognizing the broadband adoption challenges for the most vulnerable members of the African American community, we submitted a BTOP-SBA proposal to fund a public-private partnership to drive adoption Multiplatform Campaign • Two-year broadband awareness and adoption campaign targeting non-adopters • Leveraging all BETN media platforms – TV, online, mobile, VOD, and in-market • Ongoing measurement component around effectiveness and results African American “Life Portal” Local Digital Literacy Efforts • Best-in-class applications, information and communities tailored to AA-specific needs • Focus on areas of critical need: health/wellness; education; and jobs/training. • Community outreach with Digital Connector programs in various targeted communities • Trained youth promote the adoption and use of technology within their communities

  16. FRAMEWORK: Understanding the Various Populations of the AA Community

  17. African American Segmentation Study Background • Segmentation is a research technique that reduces numerous data points into a research design grouped on similar characteristics. In other words, it uses the concept of “Birds of a feather, flock together” to find groups of similar behavior and ideals. • An in-depth segmentation analysis was conducted among 2,407 African Americans between the ages of 14 – 55. BET Networks and Questus designed a lifestyle and interest questionnaire for panel email recruitment in 1Q 2009 to provide comprehensive details on African Americans-- Revealed. • Respondent data was weighted to demographic distributions of age, gender, income and marital status of African Americans 14-55 mirrored to reflect individual US Census statistics. Among our respondent sample, seven segments emerged based on statistical factor and clustering analysis of the following dimensions: • • Life goals • • Family and friends • • Work and education • • Entertainment • • Health and fitness • • Religion and spirituality • • Community and political involvement • All data analyzed is statistically significant at the 95% confidence level.

  18. African Americans Revealed Segments (1/2) Source: Questus Segmentation: African Americans-- Revealed conducted 1Q09 among 2, 407 respondents age 14-55;

  19. African Americans Revealed Segments (2/2) Source: Questus Segmentation: African Americans-- Revealed conducted 1Q09 among 2, 407 respondents age 14-55;