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Warm-up. Make a list of what you would fear if you were setting off to colonize a new world. Turn to page 64 in textbook. English Attempts to Colonize North Carolina. Chapter 4. Essential Question. How and why did England first attempt to establish a colony in North Carolina?. Vocab.

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Warm up

  • Make a list of what you would fear if you were setting off to colonize a new world.

  • Turn to page 64 in textbook.

Essential question
Essential Question

  • How and why did England first attempt to establish a colony in North Carolina?


  • Francis Drake *Sea dog

  • Colony * Charter

  • Walter Raleigh * Manteo and Wanchese

  • Amadas and Barlowe

Who is Henry VIII?

Why is Elizabeth I important?

Why do Spain and England hate each other?

Who is Francis Drake?


  • Spain = wealthiest and most powerful country in Europe.

    • What region of the Americas do they control?

  • England

    • England wanted a share of the wealth and power that Spain possessed in the New World.

    • England began to send out explorers…

England challenges spain
England Challenges Spain

  • Two countries becoming bitter enemies

  • Religion

    • 1500’s- England’s Henry VIII turns Protestant

    • Spain = Catholic

England challenges spain1
England Challenges Spain

  • Queen Elizabeth I

    • One of England’s greatest rulers

    • Henry VIII’s daughter

  • England wanted wealth from overseas exploration and trade.

  • Wanted to establish colonies

Defeat of the spanish armada

  • 1588- Spain has world’s most powerful navy.

    • Want to wipe England off the map

  • Queen Eliz. And England whoop up on the Spanish

  • England starts becoming the more dominant/powerful country


  • Why would the British want form colonies in North America?

Early english colonies
Early English Colonies

  • Francis Drake and “Sea Dogs”-raided Spanish ships

  • Sir Walter Raleigh

    • 1584- Granted a Charter( a legal document that grants permission to settle land)

    • Mission was to “discover and inhibit strange lands.”

Amadas and barlowe
Amadas and Barlowe

  • Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe

    • Selected by Raleigh as captains of his expedition to New World.

    • Arrived in NC in 1584 (First English ppl in NC)

    • Documented the beautiful plants, animals, and resources of NC

Manteo and wanchese
Manteo and Wanchese

  • Native Americans that Amadas and Barlowe brought back to England.


  • Why was Queen Elizabeth delighted with Barlowe’s report?

  • What was Raleigh’s first step in his missions “to discover and inhabit strange lands?”

  • How did North Carolina’s geography affect the first expedition?

Effects of amadas and barlowe expedition
Effects of Amadas and Barlowe Expedition

  • Jumpstarted English desire to establish colonies.

  • Increased interest in the New World’s plants, animals, and people.

  • The land North of Florida is named “Virginia” in honor of the Virgin Queen

Push factors
Push Factors

Reasons that “push” people from one place to another.

For example, lack of job opportunities or lack of food

Pull factors
Pull Factors

Reasons that PULL people from one place to another.

For example, the promise of finding gold


  • Richard Grenville *Ralph Lane

  • Simon Fernades *Wingina

  • Thomas Harriot

  • John White

Ralph lane colony
Ralph Lane Colony

  • Excited by the good report from the good report from the Amadas and Barlowe expedition, Queen Elizabeth and Walter Raleigh prepared another expedition to North America.

  • The goal: to set up a lasting settlement on Roanoke Island.

The voyage and the people
The voyage and the people

  • In April 1585, 7 fleets left England to settle in the colony.

  • On board the ship,

  • Richard Grenville was the commander.

  • Simon Fernandes helped pilot and guide the ship

  • Thomas Harriot, a scientist

  • John White, an artist

  • Ralph Lane, the commander once landed.

Roanoke island
Roanoke Island

  • Fort Raleigh- the fort the settlers built once on the island.

  • The settlers began to explore the area, to find resources and to map and paint the region.

Exploring the region
Exploring the Region

  • 3 expeditions went out.

  • * One to the Chesapeake Bay, two others explored the Roanoke Island area.

  • Everyone had a role


  • Where did the colonists explore during their expeditions?

  • Why did the colonists build a fort immediately after landing at Roanoke?

The trouble begins
The trouble begins

  • Grenville left and returned to England for supplies

  • By winter, he had not returned and supplies were running low!

  • Tension rose over Lane’s leadership and his treatment of the natives.

    *Wingina-new chief

    *Lane leads an attack on the natives

Leaving the colony
Leaving the colony

  • Colonists now feared native retaliation.

  • Francis Drake arrived to check on the colony and to leave supplies.

  • The Colonists left Roanoke Island with Drake

Achievements of the colony
Achievements of the Colony

  • Along with 97 settlers returning, Lane brought back to England three valuable products: tobacco, corn and marsh potato.

  • Maps and paintings of the region was also brought back.

  • These achievements left hope that England would establish a permanent colony in North America.