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Warm Up. What are two reasons a person would choose a restaurant ?. Warm Up: What are the three categories of the food and beverage industry?. Please have out your journal. Answer. Commercial Institutional Food service with a Consumer Business. Commercial:.

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Warm up
Warm Up

  • What are two reasons a person would choose a restaurant?

Warm up what are the three categories of the food and beverage industry

Warm Up: What are the three categories of the food and beverage industry?

Please have out your journal.

Answer beverage industry?

  • Commercial

  • Institutional

  • Food service with a Consumer Business

Warm up

Commercial: beverage industry?

Quick Service: getting food to the customer fast and with limited or no table-service

Fast Foods

Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds, Taco Bell, TCBY


Furr’s, Luby’s


New China Buffet, Golden Coral


Boston Market, Domino’s

Warm up

Commercial: beverage industry?

Full Service: a place where you don't have to do anything, Everything is done for you by your server

Fine Dining

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Paris; Le François in

Wheeling, Illinois; Mesa in San Francisco


Single Item: IHOP (pancakes) Eli’s Place for

Steak (steaks), Red Lobster (seafood)

Ethnic: Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian,

Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Brazilian

Family: Baker’s Square, Cracker Barrel,


Warm up

Commercial: beverage industry?

Catering: business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), or other location


Banquet Halls, Clubs, Hotels, restaurants


Company offices, parks, private homes

Warm up

Institutional: beverage industry?Any institution--government, private, whatever--that has a dining service for the people who are part of that place


Child care centers, colleges, public schools

Health Care:

Assisted living, hospitals, nursing facilities

Business and Industry:

Businesses, factories, military, prisons

Institutional Food Contractors:

Sysco, Consolidated Food Management

Warm up

Foodservices Within a Consumer Business: beverage industry?


Movie theaters, museums, sports arenas, zoos


Bookstores, convenience stores, gas stations,

grocery stores, retail stores, malls, truck stops


On the transportation: airplanes, dining cars, cruise


In the station: at the airports and railroad stations

Categorize the following
Categorize the following beverage industry?

  • C for Commercial

  • I for Institutional

  • Fast food

  • Hospital

  • Food service on an army base

  • Restaurant in a hotel

  • Elegant downtown restaurant

  • School food service

Commercial foodservices
Commercial Foodservices beverage industry?

Four Categories

Which categories does each one belong

Banquet at a private home

Snack bar at health club

Restaurant where you place your order and pick it up at the counter

Dinner brought to your hotel room

Restaurant where you are seated and the staff serves you

  • Catering

  • Full-service

  • Hotel and club restaurants

  • Quick-service

What is the purpose of an institutional foodservice
What is the purpose of an institutional foodservice? beverage industry?

  • To serve mainly those who are not able to or don’t have time to seek a commercial food.

  • Examples: factory, hospital, school

What is a restaurant concept
What is a restaurant concept? beverage industry?

  • The whole idea of the restaurant or the restaurant chain.

  • It includes

    • Theme – specific idea

    • Target market – the potential customers

    • Location -

    • Décor

    • Ambiance – the feeling or mood associated with a particular place (atmosphere)

    • Service style