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Warm-up. What neighborhood do you live in? Do you identify with this place? In what ways? Would you get into a fight over this neighborhood? Would you fight for another neighborhood? Why? Why not?. European Alliances and the Long March to World War I. Ms. Siarny Modified from Ms. Fuchs

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Warm up l.jpg

  • What neighborhood do you live in? Do you identify with this place? In what ways? Would you get into a fight over this neighborhood? Would you fight for another neighborhood? Why? Why not?

European alliances and the long march to world war i l.jpg

European Alliances and the Long March to World War I

Ms. Siarny

Modified from Ms. Fuchs

Visuals from Spodek, The World’s Peoples; Stearns, World Civilizations; and various websites

What happened l.jpg

  • 1914

    • European domination

    • Land Empires: Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Chinese

    • Typical political system: empire or monarchy

  • 2008

    • World powers: China, Japan, United States, Russia

    • Global economic empires: businesses, banks, investment companies

    • Typical political system: none.


The world changed but how and why l.jpg
The World Changed…but HOW? And WHY?

  • Triggers for change:

    • Collapse of European dominance

      • World Wars

      • Economic depression

    • Technological innovation

    • Demographic explosion

  • Where to begin?

Why did world war i begin l.jpg
Why did World War I begin?

  • European diplomatic tensions

  • Colonial rivalries

  • Arms races


What is an alliance l.jpg
What is an alliance?

An agreement between different parties (can be people, countries, teams) to act in a certain way

Your assignment l.jpg
Your Assignment

  • Make a chart of the major alliances that existed before WWI

  • You will use this chart for your homework tonight.

The dual alliance l.jpg
The Dual Alliance

  • Formed in 1878 between Germany and Austria-Hungary when Russia backed out of the Three Emperor’s League

  • If Austria or Germany were to be attacked by Russia (or Russia aiding another country), the other would come to its defense

The triple alliance l.jpg
The Triple Alliance

  • In 1881, Italy joined the Dual Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary

  • Germany and Austria-Hungary agreed to help Italy if it was attacked by France and vice-versa (if Germany or Austria-Hungary were attacked by France, Italy would help)

Secret franco italian alliance l.jpg
Secret Franco-Italian Alliance

  • Despite its alliance with Germany/Austria-Hungary, Italy made a secret alliance with France in 1881

  • Italy agreed to ‘remain neutral’ (not fight) if France was attacked by Germany

Franco russian agreements l.jpg
Franco-Russian Agreements

  • 1891 Russia allied with France

  • They agreed to ‘consult’ (or discuss options) with one another if either found itself at war with another nation

  • The result: if a member of the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria or Italy) attacked France, Russia would join the war on France’s side

Triple entente l.jpg
Triple Entente

  • In 1907 Russia signed an agreement with Britain

  • This created ties between both France, Britain and Russia against the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Serbian russian alliance l.jpg
Serbian-Russian Alliance

  • Serbia and Russia were alligned based on shared ethnicity.

  • If Serbia was attacked by anyone, Russia would come to its defense

Lightning round l.jpg
Lightning Round

  • Why did so many European countries join alliances?

  • What is an alliance?

Homework l.jpg

  • Using your chart of alliances as a guide, create a flow chart demonstrating what might happen if Austria-Hungary went to war with Serbia?

    • *Hint: Use your chart and look at who is aligned with who to show what might happen

    • Be sure to provide SUPPORT for your hypotheses!

Hw example l.jpg
HW Example:

Because of Serbian-Russian alliance, Russia defends Serbia, causing Russia to be at war with Austria

Austria attacks Serbia

Sources l.jpg

  • Russian Map in 1913 http://www.nicholasandalexandra.com/virtual1999/russmap.html

  • Austro-Hungarian resources: http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/hmd_info13

  • Map of China: http://etc.usf.edu/maps/pages/1400/1429/1429.htm