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Translatin g for the European Union: Multilingualism in Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Translatin g for the European Union: Multilingualism in Practice

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Translatin g for the European Union: Multilingualism in Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Translatin g for the European Union: Multilingualism in Practice
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Translating for the European Union: Multilingualism in Practice Dr Angeliki PETRITS Language Officer European Commission, UK

  2. Why study languages? University of Sheffield

  3. EU official languages over time University of Sheffield

  4. European Institutions European Parliament European Commission Council of Ministers of the European Union European Court of Justice European Court of Auditors European Central Bank Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt University of Sheffield

  5. Linguists in the EU Parliament Council Economic &Social Committee Committee of the Regions European Central Bank Court of Justice Translation Centre Court of Auditors Translators: ± 4300 Interpreters: ± 1000 University of Sheffield

  6. Different jobs for linguists Conference Interpreters • Translators • Lawyer linguists University of Sheffield

  7. Interpreting for Europe ... into English Translating for Europe ... into English University of Sheffield

  8. We translate and interpret from and into all the EU’s 24 official languages University of Sheffield

  9. …and cover all subject areas University of Sheffield

  10. Languages in EU and UN • EU: 24 working and official languages • UN: 6 working and official languages University of Sheffield

  11. The legal basis Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union • Citizens have a right to address the official EU bodies in any of the EU’s official languages and to receive a reply in that language. Council Regulation No 1/58 • Regulations and other documentsof general application shall bedrafted in the official languages. University of Sheffield

  12. Translation and democracy Thanks to translation, people can helpbuild the European Union and contribute to its openness andlegitimacy. University of Sheffield

  13. Types of languages • Official/working/Treaty languages: 24 • Procedural languages: English, French, German • Semi-official languages: Basque, Catalan, Galician, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh University of Sheffield

  14. Semi-official languages UK or Spain Commission Written communicationin the„regional” language Original mail+ translationinto official language Commission Services Designated bodyTranslation Citizens Reply in theofficial language Reply in the„regional” language University of Sheffield

  15. European Commission • Initiates new legislation • Implements EU policies and supervises compliance with EU law University of Sheffield

  16. DG Translation Some 2500 translators and support staff 50% in Brussels 50% in Luxembourg Field Offices in Member States University of Sheffield

  17. 1.76 million pages translated in 2012 University of Sheffield

  18. Language of original documents (%) English French Others German University of Sheffield

  19. Number of translated pages 2012by target language (%) University of Sheffield

  20. University of Sheffield

  21. Main document types 2012 University of Sheffield

  22. What else do we do? Terminology and tools Machine translation Studies Links with schools and universities LIND-Web European Day of Languages VisitingTranslatorScheme University of Sheffield

  23. Translation contest for Europe’s budding linguists Website: Twitter: @translatores University of Sheffield

  24. Clear Writing campaign • Be concrete not abstract • KISS! Keep It Short and Simple • Cut out excess nouns • Ask before you start: what, who, when, where, how, why, how much? University of Sheffield

  25. European Master’s in Translation University of Sheffield

  26. Challenges ahead • Future EU enlargements • Doing more with less • Modernity: efficiency gains by developing tools • Recruitment: replacing retiring staff and attractingnew blood University of Sheffield

  27. Job opportunities • Permanent job(EU official) • Contract staff • External contractor(freelance) • Trainee University of Sheffield

  28. Recruitment competitionsfor EU officials Publication: • Official Journal of the European Union (C edition) • EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) website Selectionprocedure: 5 to 9 months University of Sheffield

  29. Recruitment criteria You must be an EU citizen You must hold a full university degree (BA) in languages or another field (translator) Master’s in Conference Interpreting (interpreter) No professional experience is required University of Sheffield

  30. Language knowledge • Perfect commandof yourmain languageor mother tongue • Verysound knowledge of English or German or French (first source language) • Verysound knowledge of a second sourcelanguage among the EU’s official languages University of Sheffield

  31. Other skills • People with non-language degrees please apply! • Translator profile and skills needed: University of Sheffield

  32. The competition process Apply online (July for translators) Pre-selection test (numerical, verbal & abstract reasoning, linguistic knowledge) Translation or interpreting tests, group exercise, structured interview, oral presentation University of Sheffield

  33. 2013 Competitions for linguists • Translators into Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Maltese, and Slovene • Deadline: 13th August midday – CET • Lawyer linguists into Dutch, German, Latvian and Portuguese (Court of Justice) • 19th September – 22nd October • Lawyer linguists into Danish, Dutch, English, German and Irish (Council and Parliament) • 17th October – 19th November • Interpreters into English, French, Romanian and Slovenian • 4th July – 6th August University of Sheffield

  34. What can the Commission offer you? €4500/month starting salary Good leave entitlement Varied and challenging work with scope to shape your own career in the Commission Excellent language learning opportunities Job security Multicultural environment Flexible working-time arrangements (translators) University of Sheffield

  35. Traineeships • Duration: 5 months • Two rounds per year, starting in March and October • Applications in January (October) and July (March) • For university graduates only • For EU citizens – but a quota for other countries’ nationals • Competence: able to translate from two EU languages into your main language • Monthly grant University of Sheffield

  36. More information? • Web: • University of Sheffield

  37. Cost of multilingualism • Translation and interpreting in all EU institutions put together cost each EU citizen just over 2 euros per year. • The cost of multilingualism adds up to less than 1% of the annual EU budget. University of Sheffield

  38. University of Sheffield Name of event/occasion

  39. Thank you for your attention! University of Sheffield