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CNES : Space for Earth

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CNES : Space for Earth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CNES : Space for Earth CNES serves society by making Space technology available to meet current needs and also by developing innovative technological solutions for the future

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cnes space for earth www cnes fr

CNES : Space for

CNES serves society by making Space technology available to meet current needs and also by developing innovative technological solutions for the future

CNES is the public institution responsible for helping the French government shape its Space strategy and then implementing it.

CNES participates in the programme of the European Space Agency (ESA) for which it is a major contributor and also plays a major role in marge of international projects.

our programmes
Our programmes




civil applications

of space


& defence

Sciences of the Universe, exploration& microgravity

Earth, Environment

& climate


to space

the space observatory

The Space Observatory

  • CNES’s cultural outreach unit since 2000
  • A cultural policy shaped through three major programmes:
    • “Inventories and cultural heritage of Space”
    • “Creativity and imagination for Space”
    • “Knowledge and cultural history of Space”
  • Partnerships with scientific and cultural establishments in France and Europe
the space observatory1
The Space Observatory

“Inventories and cultural heritage of Space” programme

Example of promotion:

The At the Heart of Space exhibition at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris

the space observatory2
The Space Observatory

”Creativity and imagination for Space” programme

This programme offers artists (painters and sculptors, choreographers, dramatists, musicians …) unparalleled access to the Space universe.

Example of promotion: The Sidération festival

the space observatory3
The Space Observatory

 ”Knowledge and cultural history of space” programme

The purpose of this programme is to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions, bringing together science, history and Space.

Example encounter:

Series of lectures To the Sources of Space at the BNF


The Space Observatory: a partner to scientific and cultural establishments

2. The Space Observatory: implementing networked projects at French and European level

3. The Space Observatory, a structure open to new partnerships in order to develop European projects.

The Space Observatory

space for young people
Space for young people

A dual ambition

  • Promoting knowledge of Space activities and applications.
  • Using Space as a basis for education and learning: experimental methods, project development, teamwork etc.

Three kinds of actions

  • Raising awareness and providing information : tools that can be widely used to disseminate Space culture.
  • Hands-on learning : practical ways of carrying out projects or exploring a field of science.
  • Training : training sessions for teachers and activity leaders.

Key annual figures

  • 100,000 young people participate
  • 1 000 teachers trained
space for young people1
Space for young people

Raising awareness, informing

  • Operations for a large public
  • Information materials production
  • Partnerships for communication

Hands on projects

  • Experimental tools
  • Satellite data and protocols for environmental measurement campaigns

Teachers training

  • Summer university “Space and education”
  • Conferences
  • Technical training
how to reach us
How to reach us?

CNES Communication

Elisabeth Moussine-Pouchkine

Philippe Collot


Space Observatory


Claire Edery-Guirardo

Thank you for your attention