The Southern Colonies: Agriculture and Slavery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

the southern colonies agriculture and slavery n.
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The Southern Colonies: Agriculture and Slavery PowerPoint Presentation
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The Southern Colonies: Agriculture and Slavery

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The Southern Colonies: Agriculture and Slavery
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The Southern Colonies: Agriculture and Slavery

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  1. The Southern Colonies:Agriculture and Slavery

  2. Economics-Content Standard: 2.0-Globalization of the economy, the explosion of population growth, technological changes and international competition compel students to understand both personally and globally production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Students will examine and analyze economic concepts such as basic needs versus wants, using versus saving money, and policy making versus decision making.

  3. Culture Content Standard: 1.0-Culture encompasses similarities and differences among people including their beliefs, knowledge, changes, values, and traditions. Students will explore these elements of society to develop an appreciation and respect for the variety of human cultures.

  4. Geography-Content Standard: 3.0-Geography enables the students to see, understand and appreciate the web of relationships between people, places, and environments. Students will use the knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts within the six essential elements of geography: world in spatial terms, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society, and the uses of geography.

  5. OBJECTIVES 8.2.spi4- recognize the economic activities of early America (agriculture, industry, and service) (Economics) 8.3spi5- Interpret a geographical map of the early United States (Geography) 804spi5- Identify how conditions, actions, and motivations contributed to cooperation between the states, regions, and nations. (Culture) TGO-TLW explore the original Southern Colonies and identify their similarities and differences.

  6. View the Documents • What were the differing feelings on slavery? • What different crops were created through the use of slaves? • What were the different jobs of slaves? • What legal decisions were made about slaves during this time period?