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Department of Agriculture Government of Uttar Pradesh National Conference on Agriculture For Rabi Campaign 2010-11. (Sept. 17-18, 2010). 1. 1. Rain fall Scenario 2010. mm. 2. Assessment of Production: Kharif 2010.

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Department of agriculture government of uttar pradesh www agriculture up nic in l.jpg

Department of Agriculture

Government of Uttar Pradesh

National Conference on Agriculture


Rabi Campaign 2010-11

(Sept. 17-18, 2010)



Assessment of production kharif 2010 l.jpg
Assessment of Production: Kharif 2010

  • Production of Arhar shown as indication, to be added in Rabi.

  • Data of Kharif, 2010 shown on the basis of quick estimation.


Target rabi 2010 11 l.jpg
TARGET : RABI 2010-11

  • 12.37% Proposed increase in Wheat Production

  • 15.78% Proposed increase in Food Grain Production

  • 17.67% Proposed increase in Pulse coverage

Slide6 l.jpg


  • Raising Seed Replacement Rate from 37.92 % to 41.81% .

  • 4.13 lakhqtl additional seeds being distributed.

  • Sufficient seed availability ensured.


Slide7 l.jpg


Fertilizer distribution to be increased by 7.17% with emphasis on P and K.

During the peak sowing time of rabi, availability of DAP always becomes problematic. Hence, supply as per demand is must.

( in Lakh M.T.)


Slide8 l.jpg


( in Lakh M.T.)


Slide9 l.jpg

Crop Loan

(Rs in Crores)

Increase of 68% over last years achievement


  • KCC distribution is being taken up on saturation approach.

  • 5000 villages to be saturated by November 2010.


Slide10 l.jpg

Soil Health

  • Apni mitti pahchane abhiyan on 25th,30th Sep., and 5th October,10 in Jhansi, Chitrakootdham, Vindhyachal Division and 5th October, 3rd & 10th November in rest of the Divisions.

  • Recommendation of balanced use of fertilizer through soil health cards before Rabi sowing.

  • Production & Distribution of more than 15 lakh Bio Fertilizer packets before Rabi sowing.


Slide11 l.jpg

Plant Protection

  • 100% seed treatment & 40% Soil treatment planned.

  • Promotion of Bio-pesticides/Bio-agents to minimize residual effect of

  • Plant Protection Chemicals

  • Better surveillance of pest and diseases for effective IPM Programme.

Slide12 l.jpg

3-5 days mega Kisan Mela in each Agro Climatic Zone planned. 2.0 lakh farmers targeted to participate.

Line Sowing in Eastern U.P..

Public Private Partnership intensified in the field of technology dissemination, extension activities, soil testing, agribusiness and agri- clinics.

Compilation of FAQ’s published and circulated for the use of farmers.

Monthly action points being advised to farmer through mass media.

SMS being posted in each Nyay Panchyat for extension of technology.

Atma Sandesh and Krishi Chintan magazines being given to farmers.

Strengtheining network of SAUs. KVKs, KGKs, extension agencies, farmers and farmer organizations.

Honouring leading Farmers on Kisan Samman Divas at State & District level.

Skilled man power for maintenance and use of Farm Machinery


Slide13 l.jpg


  • Popularizing Multi Crop Planter

  • Encouraging use of Rotavator and Raised Bed Planter for timely preparation of fields.

  • 2.30 lakhs implements are proposed for distribution under Macro Mode And NFSM scheme.

  • Details of modern implements distribution-

Slide14 l.jpg

Provision of Sprinkler and drip irrigation system in Bundelkhand to SC/ST& SMF on Govt. cost and on 75% subsidy to other category Farmers

Micro Irrigation

Slide15 l.jpg

NFSM: Major Achievement

  • 87,238 Demonstrations of improved technology laid out in Rice, Wheat & Pulses crops up to Kharif 2010 since inception.

  • 31.10 lakh Quintals of certified Seed distributed.

  • 27,582 Conoweeders, 7,341 Rotavators, 2,531 Zerotills, 5,375 Seeddrills, 54,693 Pumpsets, 2,41,129 Knapsack Sprayers, 02 Multi crop Planter, 10,405 Sprinkler Set and 6 Power weeders distributed.

  • 04 Lakh ha. area covered under micronutrient application.

  • 1.14 Lakh ha. area covered under IPM.

  • 1.52 Lakh ha. area covered under gypsum application.

Slide16 l.jpg

Comparison of Production Under NFSM & Non-NFSM

Production (Lakh MT)

  • Drought situation and Rise in temperature during February are the main cause for drop in production during 2009-10.

  • Production of 2009-10 is still higher as compared to the production of 2006-07.

Slide17 l.jpg

Comparison of Productivity under NFSM & Non-NFSM

Productivity (qtl/ha.)

  • Drought situation and Rise in temperature during February are the main cause for drop in productivity during 2009-10.

  • Productivity of 2009-10 is still higher as compared to the productivity of 2006-07.

Slide21 l.jpg

Progress of Accelerated Pulses Production Programme (A -3P), during 2010-11

Up to 25-08-2010

Slide22 l.jpg

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) -3P), during 2010-11

Crore Rs.

Slide23 l.jpg

IMPACT -3P), during 2010-11


  • 1.27 lac qtls additional certified seed production.

  • 29 STL,s strengthened enhancing soil samples analysis capacity by 3.60 lacs annually.

  • 3.45 lac ha area covered under Green manuring and 5040 ha area brought under Dhaincha Seed Production.

  • 3.43 lakh VERMI/NADEP compost units established.

  • 32.00 lac ha Bio-Fertilizer packets distributed.

  • 9000 ha. new area has been brought under agriculture and the cropping intensity has increased from 35% to 180 %through reclamation of Katri Area of Ramganga.

  • 12.12 lac farmers trained under customized farmer training.


  • Saghan Mini Dairy Programme resulted in to additional Milk Production of 63000 litters milk per day with an income of Rs 41.15 crore/year.

  • Distribution of 800 qtls Oat and 200 qtls Berseem seeds to promote green fodder production in854 ha area.


  • 515 lacs Additional Fish Seed Production.

  • 5150 ha additional water area brought under fish culture production with 15450 tonnes additional fish production

Slide24 l.jpg

  • HORTICULTURE :- -3P), during 2010-11

  • Promotion of High Value vegetables cultivation : Capsicum- 1040 ha, Chilli-1406 ha, Tomato- 1960 ha & Cucurbits- 1137 ha

  • Commercial onion production in 1733 ha.


  • Mulberry variety replacement in 250 ha.


  • 30740 farmers tube wells energized


  • 3296 qtls. Breeder & Nucleus seed produced during 2009-10 (28% higher than the previous year.


  • 300 ha Usar Patches of Seed Production Plots developed and 14.25% increase in Yield observed.

  • Seed Production from 2008-09 to 2009-10 increased by 1200.00 qtl.

Slide25 l.jpg

Best Management Practices -3P), during 2010-11

  • 2272 Farm school becoming focal point for dissemination of technology at grass root level.

  • ATMA SANDESH, a Dainik Jagran news paper publication catering all 52,000 gram panchayat becoming tool for sending important messages.

  • Apni Mitti Pachano Abhiyan.

  • Massive Campaign for Green manuring, Seed and Soil Treatment.

  • Virat Kisan Mela.

  • Use of Rotavator through custom services approach becoming a success story in the state.

  • Establishment of Farm Machinery Training Centre at SAMETI, RahmanKhera.

  • 3 State Pesticide testing labs (SPTL) to be accredited by National Accreditation Board Laboratories (NABL) .

Slide26 l.jpg

Thanks -3P), during 2010-11