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Technology Reflections

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Technology Reflections
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Technology Reflections

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  1. Technology Reflections

  2. Describe the positive ways the laptops have influenced your learning this year. • Positive ways the laptops influenced my learning this year is that it is easier and less work having the laptops in our class than going/scheduling a computer lab day. They helped my understanding of computers more this year. They also helped us explore new websites.

  3. Are there any negatives to having the laptops in your room? Are there things you prefer to do without the laptops? Be specific. • I don’t think that there are many negatives on the laptops, but when people log on it always beeps and when we all try to log on to the same site it goes really slow.

  4. What are some specific activities or projects you have enjoyed this year? Please make sure to note if the project was a part of social studies or language arts. Why were these projects memorable? • Some activities/projects I liked this year were the Dynasties project and I like in the beginning of the year where we looked for/searched our houses and then post them on the back board.

  5. Are there any projects you would like to try that would require the use of a laptop? Please describe in detail. • Some projects I would like to try are maybe… If we all picked our favorite city/country/town and did research on it and made a PowerPoint and brought in pictures of places there and why that’s are favorite place.

  6. Which programs on the computer do you feel the most comfortable using? Which programs on the computer do you need/want to learn more about? • Programs on the computer I feel most comfortable using are power point, Microsoft word/ paint and angel. I would like to learn more about how to find answers/ research to questions like for EX: for a project.

  7. . What specific topic would you like to research or explore using technology in social studies next year? • I would like to explore the pacific ocean or small countries in the world that people don’t pay attention to. I also really really want to learn about Paris!

  8. What specific topic would you like to research or explore using technology in language arts next year? • I would like to explore famous authors and maybe how to write short stories about things you see like walking downtown or in the park.

  9. In terms of the District Writing Assessment, would you prefer to write your assessment or type it with the laptop? Why? • I would prefer to type it because you know when you spell a word wrong and when you use bad grammar in a sentence.

  10. Overall, how do you believe having one laptop for each student has improved your classroom or benefitted you as an individual? • I feel like we talk about things together more and we do discussion boards more often and we get more computer time.

  11. Do you feel that using the laptops has created a better classroom community in social studies? Why? • Yes it has because we discuss things together and go to websites together and it is more quite and we all have our own personal space and it is way easier and less work than skipping class time and going to the computer lab.

  12. Are there any final thoughts, reflections or wonderings you have about your experience with laptops? • I think we should still have them for next year and they are fun and good. They are also good for when we have “aclab” or free time we could print things we needed for school if we forgot at home or something and they are small and we can fit all of them in the cart which is good because they don’t take up room.