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    Slide 1:Reflections, Resources and Recommendations

    For Benedictines and their Friends Visiting the Web Bro. Richard Oliver, OSB 27 September 2002 This presentation was prepared initially for the National Oblates Directors meeting at Collegeville, 2001, by Ms Lucy Johnson OblSB and Bro. Richard Oliver osb.This presentation was prepared initially for the National Oblates Directors meeting at Collegeville, 2001, by Ms Lucy Johnson OblSB and Bro. Richard Oliver osb.

    Slide 2:Three Themes

    The webpage as a dwelling: principles of cyberhospitality Sharing information, teaching, transmitting text: resources for Oblates Using the web to create community

    Slide 3:Section One: Cyberhospitality

    Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, I came as a guest, and you received Me (Matt. 25:35; RB 53:1).

    Slide 4:Approach to webpage design

    Look, Ma, what I can do!!! Web page as product Where I am compelled to be cool and sport the latest. I cant do this!!! Lets forget it.

    Slide 5:Another View

    A web page at its best becomes a welcoming portal for those who are searching for different kinds of information. The web weaver builds and maintains a comfortable, accessible, updated space. The web porter manages the questions, inquiries, communications from visitors.

    Slide 6:Resources for Web Weavers General philosophy and links to helpful sites. The Scriptorium, Abbey Web Office practical tips for HTML authors

    Slide 7:Resources for Web Porters

    Webkeepers: Twenty-first Century Monastic Porters by Diana Seago, OSB, and Linda Herndon, OSB in Benedictines Benedictine Internet Report (Jan. 1998)

    Slide 8:Message and Technique: what is your goal?

    A technically sophisticated site: A simple site: An intermediate site:

    Slide 9:Section Two: Transmitting Information

    ...let all occupy themselves in reading RB 48.

    Slide 10:Scribes Old and New

    Complaints fatigue not creative boring text Blessings lectio divina indoors stability Complaints standards browsers hack work Blessings lectio divina worldwide stability

    Slide 11:Resources Academic & Spiritual

    Saint Benedict Rule of Benedict Dialogues, Bk II Historical Overview ABA * AMN General Information Liturgy * Chant Whats New RB Daily Daily Reflection Universalis Blue Cloud Lectio Divina Retreat Centers Oblate Formation Monastic Websites

    Slide 12:Anglican Benedictines

    Communities living according to the Rule of Saint Benedict Communities living in the spirit of Saint Benedict Selected Anglican Resources Friends of Saint Benedict and The Benedictine Experience

    Slide 13:Prayer and Spirituality

    "In the sight of the Angels I will sing praise to You" (Ps. 137), RB 19.

    Slide 14:The Liturgy of the Hours (1)

    Reading and Psalm Cycle for the Liturgy of the Hours, from Mount St. Scholastica in Atchinson, Kansas (with commentaries for the readings) Exellent resource about short breviaries

    Slide 15:Liturgy of the Hours (2)

    You can pray the liturgy of the hours from your computer screen at You can listen to the liturgy of the hours at

    Slide 16:Monastic Spirituality

    New Melleray Abbeys Primer on Monastic Spirituality contains instructions on lectio divina and contemplative prayer. The link below will take you to their index page. To find the Primer choose the Vocations folder.

    Slide 17:Contemplative Spirituality (1)

    An Interreligious site by David Steindl-Rast, OSB A wonderful prayer site by the Irish Jesuits

    Slide 18:Contemplative Spirituality (2)

    The site of the Taize community. Contains the songs and prayer instructions. Instruction and information on centering prayer at Contemplative Outreach Ltd.

    Slide 19:Lay Benedictine Spirituality

    Listening and Responding: Benedictine Spirituality in Non-monastic Contexts by Wil Derkse Catholic, Benedictine Values in an Educational Environment by John Klassen, OSB; Emmanuel Renner, OSB and Mary Reuter, OSB

    Slide 20:Information for Oblates

    and Benedictine Friends

    Slide 21:Oblates Reference Site

    At the OSB website, information and links about Oblates

    Slide 22: Manual, Constitutions for Oblates

    Saint Vincent Archabbey, PA: Formation Manual Saint Andrews Abbey, CA: What it Means to be an Oblate, and Oblate Constitutions

    Slide 23: Camaldolese Oblates

    The eremetical branch of the Benedictines includes a Rule for Oblates at the website

    Slide 24:Internet Oblates

    Oblates of the World Community for Christian Meditation. Laurence Freeman, OSB Monastery of Christ the King London, England

    Slide 25:Of Historical Interest

    The Benedictines by Dom David Knowles OSB LittD (1896-1974) The Origin of the Oblates from the Oblate Manual (1955)

    Slide 26:Oblate Newsletters Online

    Slide 27:Various Styles of Newsletters

    Saint Walburga Abbey St Procopius Abbey Saint Johns Abbey Benedictine Sisters of Clyde, Missouri. Some monasteries (like Blue Cloud) use a listserve

    Slide 28:Section 3: cybercommunity

    ...for the strongest kind of monks, the Cenobites (RB1).

    Slide 29:Benedictine Interest Listserves

    OSB-L at Low volume general Benedictine list MonasticLife at High volume, lively list offshoot of OSB-L Oblateforum at A list for Benedictine Oblates

    Slide 30:Benedictine-related Interests

    Center-l at About the practice of centering prayer. Quiet to lively Interreligiousdialog at loosely connected with MID, mostly book discussion And many others

    Slide 31:You Could Start Your Own Group

    It is easy to do at places like even if you are not technically savvy, and dont have listserv software You could also run your own listserv, but the advantage of the Yahoo site is that one can do everything on the web, and ones mailbox does not get cluttered

    Slide 32:Shameless Advertisement

    The OSB Website Store

    Slide 33:Appendix

    Choosing an ISP Internet Service Provider

    Slide 34:Choosing an ISP / Web Server

    Setup Fee (rare? waived?) Monthly Fee (AOL: $21.95/mo.; $239/yr.) Duration (stability) Disk space / storage Hit limits Statistics (WebTrends, analysis software) E-mail: 6-12 usernames; AOL: 5 screen names FTP (file transfer protocol)

    Slide 35:Choosing an ISP (2)

    HTTP 2 (hypertext transfer protocol) CGI (common gateway interface) or ASP (active server pages; M$) Active X XHTML Front Page Extensions Audio files Video streaming List management Chat Instant Messaging

    T h e E n d