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  1. Reflections The following slides are summarizations from teachers and students.

  2. “He Got It” During the first nine weeks I had a student who would drop off his belongings and then head out to “eat breakfast.” He would reenter the classroom ready to sleep or disrupt others. Parent teacher communication followed. Regret and a grade contract rounded out his first quarter of high school. Second nine weeks tells a different story. This student would enter the room and set to work diligently on the warm up assignment. The beauty of this student, and many others who learned what high school really requires, was the balance he managed between his desire to thrive socially and academically.

  3. “Light bulb On” Light is knowledge. Teachers often refer to those moments in classrooms when “the light bulb came on” and it becomes a memorable moment associated with success. This semester I witnessed many “light bulbs” beginning to flicker and shine. Flickering began when they realized they were going to have to make the necessary changes if they wanted to succeed. Shining at full force occurred for many when they walked out of their EOCT satisfied that pass or fail, they had given it their absolute best. I even experienced a “light bulb” moment when a previous student returned to the school to share his post-high school success.

  4. “Focus on Strengths” A student was frustrated by the end of the first quarter because they weren’t obtaining the test scores they so desired. They were doing their work, taking notes, paying attention, and studying like crazy, yet their test scores weren’t up to par. I asked them to reflect back to our multiple intelligence survey and to tell me what kind of learner they were. This particular student was a visual and kinesthetic learner, so I tailored my suggestions of how to study based off of those results. They were encouraged to use different color markers and to rewrite their notes on to one single poster board as well as to move around the room while they studied different sections of the board. This student began to ace my tests. They were successful in learning how to learn….which is different from one person to the next. So, I encourage each of you to reflect on your multiple intelligence survey and to align your study habits with your modality of learning.

  5. Attitudes are Contagious • Ninth grade is often associated with the “make it or break it” stage of high school. However, Freshman Academy has built interventions to support student efforts and promote success for both the 9th grade and beyond. This semester has proven the greatness of spirit within the student body of the Freshman Academy. These students entered SEHS awaiting education to be imparted but are leaving empowered to educate themselves. They learned to be responsible, reliable, organized, and self directed. I’m proud of the students’ development and determination to be successful, as well as attaining their achievements to further their life’s success.

  6. Student Comments • If I only knew how much the zero was going to hurt me! • I need to study more! • I know, I haven’t been trying! • I understand, what do I need to do to pass? • I will, I will, I will get it turned in! • I don’t test well • They are moving too fast for me! • My teacher hates me! • Why does she give him so many chances! • If he would pay attention in class, he would do better! • I did it and I turned it in! • He said that she said I was …………

  7. Student Comments • She printed out the whole packet for me, can you believe that? • Can I get a pass to get off the bus to go see my teacher? • Thanks for the good news card home, my mom thought she was being punk’d! • Student of the Month, well it is about time, I have been trying the whole month. • He is so calm, how does he do that with that class. He is my favorite teacher!