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Reflections. What I learned in 2009-2010 in BCS By: chloe’ mihalcheon. top ten things I learned in L.A.

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  1. Reflections What I learned in 2009-2010 in BCS By: chloe’ mihalcheon

  2. top ten things I learned in L.A in la I learned how to do many things and I caught myself on things about reading and writing too. I have improved on my reading by a lot. I think I can do even better though. I also learned how to write a play, step by step. It is hard to understand all this in nine months, but we have eighteen months to improve and get ready for 5/6. I learned that I was not paying attention to my books, and now I am reading like crazy and I understand all the books that I am reading

  3. In math I learned In math I learned how to use parentheses, and mostly I learned how to multiply. Multiplying in easy once you figure out the short cuts, for example, 9x9=? Hold up nine fingers. Then the ninth finger up that one down. Now put up every finger but that one we just put down. And the answer would be 81. they are many more ways to show you but up did not learn them all this year. Maybe next year. I have improved a lot this year. And I will even more next year.

  4. art In art we learned how to make wooden birds. We had to draw them out on a piece of wood, them we cut them w/ a coping saw. And after that we had to rasp the edges so it was curved. Then we did them same thing but instead of rasping we were filing… then we used a sander that is called a sanding strip. It is for curved wood. Then we made the stand. We made all the body parts, then painted it and it was ready to go. Right now we are making a panting that is an outside back yard. Mine is all fiction. But I could not do anything without my art teacher mr.melton!

  5. What I learned in s.s in s.s I learned a lot of things. But these are my most favorite things I learned about. The underground rail road, Slavery and freedom, World war French and Indian war, Frontier life, Sojourner truth, The copper rush, The colonist rebel, Michigan agriculture, but most importantly I learned about history. History goes for year and decades and century's even! Just think it is a gift to learn about history.

  6. science In science I learned how to grow an ecosystem. We grew plants, and then we put insects in, and then we had an aquarium. We put algae in and then we put fish and snails in. it was awesome. Before that we had made a dirt slant and we made it rain inside. We also made a dam and we had to protect the villages from drownding.

  7. I learned that we have to have a rhythm in breast stroke. This will continue swimming In swimming I learned…

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