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  1. Reflections By: Ross Feitlinger Both parts are in one power point

  2. ReflectionPart 1 Ross Feitlinger EDU 558 Fall 08

  3. Constructivist Project • A webquest on the Causes of the American Civil War • 7th Grade- Social Studies • Students were asked to take the role as an advisor to Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis •

  4. The PBL Project Steps • Create a driving question • Create a Group Concept Map • Create a KNI chart • Research the driving question • Create a resource database • Gather the numeric data • Create a publication • Create a decision matrix • Debrief the problem using some multimedia medium

  5. The PBL project description • Wal-Mart wants to open a new store in the town of Hibbert • First, as the advisor to the Mayor you need to research to see if this is a good idea or bad • Then, help make the decision • Finally, create something to promote your decision

  6. Our group’s PBL project • Driving Question- Would Hibbert benefit as a community if Wal-Mart is approved to build there? • Our decision was- Wal-Mart can build in the town of Hibbert, but they have to build a “green” store and they will get no tax incentive and they will split the cost for the infrastructure

  7. ReflectionPart 2 Ross Feitlinger EDU 558 Fall 08

  8. Best Assignment • The Constructivist project (AKA: The Webquest assignment) • This was a project where I actually had to use technology in my classroom • It was not theoretical- it was actually an assignment • I have been teaching the Causes of the American Civil War for three years and this year I saw the most comprehension and pretension from my students then any year previously • By actually doing the assignment I saw the full potential of a webquest project in my classroom and the use of technology in my classroom

  9. The Most Challenging Assignment • The PBL Project • There were a lot of parts to this project • Many times the explanations for the assignments were as clear as mud • You really had to rely on the other group members to get everything done • Finding useful and good information was trying at times • The amount of time it took to complete this project

  10. Application of technology • I have always wanted to use technology in my classroom… • I never really knew lessons • Now I have lesson ideas • I have seen them in practice • They work and therefore I am confident to implement technology in my classroom • In fact I already have started to implement what I have learned into my classroom