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Physical Education

Physical Education. Participation and Grading CSUN Next slide. Participation and grading. Students are required to dress down into P.E. uniform and participate in each class.

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Physical Education

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  1. Physical Education Participation and Grading CSUN Next slide

  2. Participation and grading Students are required to dress down into P.E. uniform and participate in each class. Students with a parental or medical request for limited or restricted activity due to injury or illness will be provided with a modified program. Parental notes are good for up to three days; extended excuses need to be issued from medical personnel. Students are expected to dress down and participate in the physical activity or modified activity unless notified otherwise.

  3. P.E. make up • a. School related absences are excused, and no make up is needed (although you must be responsible and notify your teacher). • b. Any non-school related absences must be made up by obtaining a make up sheet and completing an at home activity. Students are expected to make up absences from class. Make up sheets are available from the P.E. staff.

  4. Grading • Students are graded daily by demonstrating the following: • Being On time and having the proper PE attire (clothes and shoes). • Demonstrate correct form and technique (try to have good form). • Highly active in activities (giving your best effort). Follow directions and show good sportsmanship. • Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible in regards to the locker room, equipment and others

  5. Proper P.E. uniform Uniforms are available for purchase in the main office. Student's shirt is to be labeled with the student's first initial and last name. Students must wear athletic shoes. Students are allowed to wear sweatpants and/or a sweatshirt over their P.E. uniform only when the daily activity requires the student to leave the gym. Both P.E. shirt and shorts are to be visible during roll call; daily points may be deducted if instructor must ask to see P.E. uniform

  6. P.E. loaner uniform • Loaner P.E. uniforms are available in case students forgets their P.E. uniform. Loaners may be checked out from the P.E. staff. • 1 st time = a verbal warning is given and results in a loss of points. • 2 nd time = student must call home and results in a loss of points. • 3 rd time = a referral to the dean of students is issued and results in a loss of points.

  7. Responsibilities and expectations • BE SAFE – BE RESPECTFUL – BE RESPONSIBLE • Athletes will participate in class activities on game days. This is a District 6 policy. • Students are responsible for their own personal belongings including their P.E. uniform. Students are assigned a lock and are not to share the combination with anyone. • No gum chewing or eating of any kind is allowed during P.E. classes for safety reasons. • • Students are expected to follow Locker room and physical education policies.

  8. Locker room / Gym rules • BE SAFE – BE RESPECTFUL – BE RESPONSIBLE • NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINK No running, throwing objects, sitting on lockers, wrestling, pushing, shoving, or any other type of horseplay or fighting. No yelling in gym or locker room, use indoor voices only. Dress down, then quietly sit on your number and wait for roll call or the dismissal bell. N ever give anyone your locker combination. Respect others and their property. White board will list the daily activity; any additional information needed will be given by instructor.

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