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Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Physical Education

Physical Education

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Physical Education

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  1. bb Physical Education Grade One

  2. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The Physical Education Curriculum under the K to 12 Basic Education Program is anchored on the tenet “Move to Learn, Learn to Move” with ultimate goal of achieving lifelong fitness. The framework is bounded on the context of legal and philosophical underpinnings pursuant to Article IV Section 19 of the Philippine Constitution :

  3. The Constitution mandates that: The State shall promote physical education and encourage sports programs, league competitions, and amateur sports, including training for international competitions, to foster self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry. All educational institutions shall undertake regular sports activities throughout the country in cooperation with athletic clubs and other sectors.

  4. This curriculum shall contribute to the development of fitness, health and wellness among school-age students as provided in the program’s rich and challenging physical activity experiences. It shall promote the development of a participative and active body; learning to use the body in moving efficiently and effectively in a given space, time, effort and assurance of quality movement. The desire for becoming a physically educated person, thus aid an individual in successfully selecting and in participating in activities appropriate at various stages of life.

  5. In order to facilitate the development of an active lifestyle, selected and appropriate activities are designed in line with the five strands of learning which include body management, movement skills, games and sports, rhythms and dance and physical fitness.

  6. GRADE LEVEL STANDARDS for Grade One The learner demonstrates understanding of the body and its parts, movement skills,locomotor and non-locomotor skills,basic games, rhythmic and gymnasticsskills for active participation in various physical activities




  10. clapping, tapping your foot on the floor, snapping your fingers, winking • twisting, bending, swaying, swinging, stretching, turning, pulling, pushing, falling, dodging

  11. Body Awareness

  12. Body movements with an action song, “My Toes, My Knees” Follow the steps • Point right foot forward • Bring right foot close to left foot and bend knees together • Rotate shoulders • Rotate head • Clap both hands above the head

  13. Activity Create your own movements for the song

  14. BODY BALANCE 1. Two arms, one leg 2. Two legs, one arm • Balance on one foot with both hands overhead 4. Balance on one foot to the side

  15. 5. From standing position raise one leg A. Forward B. Sideward C. Backward • 6. Keep feet together and sway body to the • A. Right • B. Left • C. Front • D. Back

  16. Rhythms and Dance • Action Songs • Performs movements while singing

  17. Banana Banana Peel banana peel, peel banana Slice banana, slice , slice banana Eat banana, eat , eat banana Digest banana digest banana Exit banana exit banana Walana………..

  18. Movements Imitation Create an action song by imitating the movements of the following animals / transportation / objects A. Airplane B. Train C. Inch Worm D. Snake E. Crab F. Snake

  19. Pag-awit • Lakadlakadlakad • Atrasatrasatras • Kawaykawaykaway • Talon talontalon • Gilinggilinggiling • Kembotkembotkembot • Ikotikotikot • Upoupoupo

  20. Thank you!!!