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Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Physical Education

Physical Education

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Physical Education

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  1. Physical Education Potter Jr. High School Mr. Adams Mrs. Hansen Mr. Hernandez Mrs. Hillery Mr. Kurnik

  2. Dress Code for Physical education • Each student is required to wear: • White socks • Athletic shoes • White or royal blue T-shirt (no logos) • Royal blue shorts (no zippers, pockets, buttons, blue jeans or cut-offs) • Students can also purchase the school’s PE uniform. $15 for shirts and $10 for shorts. • Shorts MUST be worn at the natural waistline.

  3. In cold weather Students are allowed to wear: • A sweatshirt underneath their PE shirt. • No hoods, zippers, pockets are allowed on the sweatshirt. • Sweatshirt must me royal blue, white, or gray. • Sweatpants underneath their PE shorts. • No zippers or pockets are allowed. • Sweatpants must be royal blue, white, or gray.

  4. Physical Education Uniform

  5. Acceptable PE clothes

  6. Daily Procedures • Students must be in the P.E. locker room when the tardy bell rings! • Students have 4 minutes to dress after the tardy bell. Then they are to promptly go to their roll call numbers. • All students are expected to participate and try in daily activities. • Students will have 5 minutes to change before the end of class. • Students may not leave the PE area (must stay behind the red line) without adult permission.

  7. Grades • Each student earns a grade based on the following criteria: • Meeting daily requirements • Participation • Improvement • Cooperation • Attitude • Physical Performance • Written Unit Tests • PE Folder

  8. Attendance • Students are required to participate unless excused for medical reasons. • Excuse must be in writing from a parent or doctor. Notes must be signed by a parent and must include a phone number. • If the excuse is for more than 2 days, it must be verified with a doctor’s note. • Excused students WILL dress out and report to the teacher for a modified assignment.

  9. Locker Room • Each student will be assigned a locker and combination lock. A lost lock costs $5.00. • No personal locks are allowed! • Students are to keep their lockers clean. • Keep locker locked when not present. • Do not tell anyone the combination. • No food, gum, or sodas permitted in locker room. (RATS) • DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS!

  10. Students will participate in: Volleyball Flag football Speed-a-way Basketball Track and field Aerobic workouts Softball Games and relays Equipment: It is for your enjoyment! Use if safely and properly. If a student destroys or mistreats the equipment he/she will be required to pay for the replacement or repair of equipment. Physical Education Activities

  11. Physical Education Assistants Introducing: Mrs. Kraklow & Mr. Ruiz • They are to be treated just like any other PE teacher out during your class. If they ask you to do something, you need to do it. • They are here to help you and the other PE teachers. • They also run the lunch time sport tournaments through out the year.

  12. We Welcome you to PE! Look forward to a wonderful year in Physical Education! A place to have fun, exercise, and stay healthy. If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the adults in this room. Thanks!