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Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Physical Education

Physical Education

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Physical Education

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  1. Physical Education Logan Oellien

  2. Identify Learning • Learning Objectives • Teach children correct motor skills • Learning Goals • That all children can correctly complete all the motor skills involved with Physical Education. • Technology Incorporated • Bring a TV or projection screen into the gym to show the students how to correctly maneuver a specific skill

  3. Construct Assessments • Types of assessments • Grade each student on a level of 1-5 at the beginning of each activity and at the end of each activity.(formative assessments) • Grade each student on a level of 1-5 at the beginning of each activity and at the end of each activity. (summative assessments)

  4. Design Activities • Great activities that will challenge students in different settings. • Ex. Have a student throw a volleyball of a volleyball net from 2,5,10. and 12 feet away. Changing the distance and the height the ball must travel changes the setting for the student and makes there motor skills react differently to the activity set for them.

  5. Design the Process • Resources and materials needed: • May change daily within gym equipment available and equipment needed. • Instructional strategies: • Explain and demonstrate each activity before letting the students attempt the activity. • Matching student activities: • When teaching throwing and catching match them together so they are back to back activities so the children are familiar with the motor skills needed. • Calendar for student activities: • Will help you determine what equipment you need daily in advance. Also, will let you inform your students of what to expect tomorrow.

  6. Plan for Management • Managing: • A gym class may seem hard to manage but with the right technique and attitude towards your students it can be a breeze. • Grouping: • Some students may not be as skilled as other students at a specific skill. This is why you grade each student on a 1-5 class at the very beginning of teaching the skill. You can then group the students that are equally skilled together so they don’t feel as if they are not as good as their peers. Grouping is very important in Physical Education and can be a factor weather the student anticipates Gym class or dreads Gym class.