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PROFILE N a m a : Rinto Hartadi, S.Pd. Alamat : Jl. Pucang Argo Barat XII / 3 – Pucang Gading Tpt/Tgl Lahir : Purbalingga / 5 Jan 1976 Telp. : 081542525993 Pendidikan : S1 Penjaskes & rek. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Permainan dan Or. Pilihan : Aquatic OE. Akt. Pengembangan.

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  1. PROFILEN a m a : Rinto Hartadi, S.Pd.Alamat : Jl. Pucang Argo Barat XII / 3 – Pucang GadingTpt/Tgl Lahir : Purbalingga / 5 Jan 1976Telp. : 081542525993Pendidikan : S1 Penjaskes & rek

  2. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Permainan dan Or. • Pilihan : • Aquatic • OE Akt. Pengembangan PE Akt. Ritmik Uji Diri / Senam

  3. Permainan & Or. Game Football Basketball Volleyball Badminton Tennis Etc. Athletic Running Throwing Jumping

  4. SD RUNNING MD LD Discus Throw Jevelin Throw Weight Throw THROWING ATHLETIC Track & Field High jump Long jump JUMPING

  5. Short Start Short Distance 100 m, 200 m, 400 m Med. Start Long Start Medium Distance 800 m, 1500 m, 3000 m Running Standing Start Long Distance 5.000 m, ≥10.000 m


  7. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. HEALTH ? Physical Activity Helps : Your social well-being : Your Physical well-being Your Mental well-being

  8. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY HELPS : Your Physical well-being : * Your heart, lungs and others body system grow strong and health. ( Your enjoyment of life ) * Your body shape improves – if you look good you feel good

  9. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY HELPS : Your Mental well-being : * You learn how to cope with stress and difficult situation in sport and can than use this in real life * You learn to control emotions, as in sport there is an immediate penalty for breaking of rule. It then helps you in real life * You get the change to feel emotions and experience that you might get elsewhere. Sport helps to give you self-esteem.

  10. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY HELPS : You social well-being : * Human live in group and we must learn social or group behavior to fit in. Sport helps us with this by teaching us confidence, co-operation, communication and team work. * You meet people and learn friendship and support. * You get a feeling of worth That you are of some value in society

  11. The End PE Teacher

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