harlem renaissance n.
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Harlem Renaissance PowerPoint Presentation
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Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem Renaissance

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  1. Harlem Renaissance

  2. The Beginnings Zora Neale Hurston • 1920-30s • Literature • Music • Theater • Art • Politics

  3. Groundwork Langston Hughes • Education • Employment • Great Migration • Publications

  4. Characteristics • Roots of the African-American experience • Racial pride • Social and political equity

  5. Cotton Club

  6. Diversity of Expression • Ghetto life — jazz • Sophistication and glamour • Urban life • Rural South • Audience — black or white; not mixed

  7. Ending and Influence Louis Armstrong • Great Depression • Segregated Harlem • Harlem exodus • Resurrected in 1980s and 90s

  8. Lasting Legacy “Strange Fruit” Billie Holiday Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Pastoral scene of the gallant south, The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh. Here is fruit for the crows to pluck, For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck, For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop, Here is a strange and bitter crop.

  9. Lasting Legacy “'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do” Bessie Smith There ain't nothing I can do, Or nothing I can say, That the folks don't criticize me; But I'm gonna do just as I Would do anyway, And I don't care if they all despise me! If I should take a notion To jump into the ocean, 'Tain't nobody's business if I do, do, do, love, do, do. If I let my best companion, Drive me right in the canyon, 'Tain't nobody's business if I do, if I do.

  10. Lasting Legacy "Nobody's Business"Rihanna feat. Chris Brown You'll always be mine, sing it to the worldAlways be my boy, I'll always be your girlNobody's business, ain't nobody's businessAin't nobody's business,But mine, and my babyMine, and my baby,But mine, and my babyBut mine, and my baby, oohI love to love to love you babyI love to love to love you babyMe and you, get it?Ain't nobody's businessSaid it ain't nobody's business

  11. Echos Past and Present “If We Must Die” By Claude McKay If we must die, let it not be like hogs Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs, Making their mock at our accursèd lot. If we must die, O let us nobly die, So that our precious blood may not be shed In vain; then even the monsters we defy Shall be constrained to honor us though dead! O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe! Though far outnumbered let us show us brave, And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow! What though before us lies the open grave? Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack, Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!

  12. Art and Artists West African Mask Aaron Douglas Pablo Picasso

  13. We Wear the Mask Why should the world be over-wise, In counting all our tears and sighs? Nay, let them only see us, while We wear the mask. We smile, but oh great Christ, our cries To thee from tortured souls arise. We sing, but oh the clay is vile Beneath our feet, and long the mile, But let the world dream otherwise, We wear the mask! by Paul Laurence Dunbar We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,— This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts we smile And mouth with myriad subtleties,