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Harlem Renaissance PowerPoint Presentation
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Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem Renaissance

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  1. Harlem Renaissance Mr. P. Dunn

  2. Writers and Poets • In the following two slides, we will discuss the writers of Harlem. You will notice one thing in common with all the authors.

  3. Male Harlem Authors

  4. Female Harlem authors

  5. OH when I think of my long-suffering race, For weary centuries despised, oppressed, Enslaved and lynched, denied a human place In the great life line of the Christian West; And in the Black Land disinherited, Robbed in the ancient country of its birth, My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead, For this my race that has no home on earth. Then from the dark depths of my soul I cry To the avenging angel to consume The white man's world of wonders utterly: Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb, Or upward roll as sacrificial smoke To liberate my people from its yoke! Claude McKay In this poem, McKay is describing what his ancestors went through. He describes how that wretched white man has control over all the black race. McKay makes sure you get the point when he talks about racial prejudice. He talks about the white man’s world of wonders getting swallowed by the earth’s womb. McKay tells that black people have no home on earth, so he wants the white man to die. He wants his people to be free and be liberated from the earth’s yoke. Enslaved by Claude McKay

  6. Artists of Harlem • In the next slide, we will talk about the famous artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

  7. Harlem Renaissance Artists

  8. Harlem Musicians • In this last slide, we will talk about the musicians. They are all jazz artists who’s music many people enjoy today.

  9. Harlem Renaissance Musicians

  10. Conclusion Page • In this project, I learned that there were hundreds of African Americans doing what they can to keep their heritage alive. Whether it be painting, sculpting, or writing, they made their difference any way they could. They all showed how to be proud of their heritage. The Harlem Renaissance lives on today in our history books as being one of the most influential times where African Americans stood up for what they knew was right. • Paul Dunn

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