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POSTCARDS OF OUR LIVES!. Ashley Jean Pierre D block . July 6, 1862. Dear Children ,

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  1. POSTCARDS OF OUR LIVES! Ashley Jean Pierre D block

  2. July 6, 1862 Dear Children, As you already know i'm in the 54th Regiment joining the Union Army, as a soldier i've been facing many challenges from training. The commander which Robert Shaw treat us like an animal, he hell at us and even beat us up. What funny is that i use to imagined the army just like it happening right now, basically it had been so hard for me and the other soldier to fight for what we want even shoes. Sincerely,Thomas Mark and Juliet pierre 254 Florida Street Mississippi 12309

  3. June 4, 1864 Dear Leroy Walter, It's been a long day and i'm writing you this letter because i want you to know how much my frustration over this proclamation so it wasn't that bad even though i find out that i have to pay for the war while keeping the southern economy afloat. And i also think the confederacy can enlist more men in raising army but they not even working on that. The Confederacy can only get other countries to lend support by fighting with them which is not a good idea. Sincerely, Jefferson Davis The Secretary of war 136 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 90231

  4. March 34, 1861 Dear Robert, I've been taking a lot of jobs which is work as a nurse and divided the time between medical work and scouting, in order to support you and the kids which i can't wait to see when i'm back. However it wasn't that easy for the to work because there's a overcome resistance i should have in order to serve and i didn't have it.Everything been so hard as you know this is a new experience for me but i work thing out by doing my best ok, i love you all :). Sincerely, Mary Walker Robert, Anne, and Sam Walker 98 Oswego Avenue New York U.S. 00239

  5. April 2, 1865 Dear Rebecca , I'm writing you this letter so you can know what i've been doing while i'm away but first you should know that i miss you and i can't wait to see you.Anyway i spend most of my time on cambot, while i'm experience the war i feel like everything been so hard because the charge me with lot of thing. There were many soldier that return from the battle and they just get kill, also i saw black people that choose to participate and i here they said that the black couldn't achieve which is not true. Sincerely, James Sammy,John, and Lorcan 34 Virginia Street Boston, MA 03214

  6. March 30, 1863 Dear O'Reilly Family, I'm not the only immigrant Irish who in New York, i've been working as a waiter and a longshoreman but i lose because my employer is willing to hire Negro in my own place so they can willing to work less than i did. They finally told me it's because i don't have $300,00 so i must join the Union Army to fight for the freedom i want as a black slavery. I feel like this it to escape terrible poverty and this is unfair because i already in so if i have to get out i have to pay the government $300 for it. Basically i'm fighting a lot and i'm trying to get out. i miss you all a lot and i can't wait to see you, love you. Sincerely, Tommy O'Reilly Sintia, Alex, and Alexandra O'Reilly 65th streets Ireland 90012

  7. REFLECTION The most surprising thing i've learn in this unit is how the soldier fight to get the freedom they want and they never give up even though it get hard for them. They also didn't forget that they have family behind and they never get scared.It was surprising because most of the soldier keep fighting and know that they have family behind and they need to surport them. The people i think that faced the hardest challenges during the civil war are Thomas, Mary Walker, James and Tommy the reason why i choose those people it's because they fight a lot even though something come in they way but they keep going no matter what. I also think the American Civil War was necessary because its about fighting for what you want and remember who you are and what you leave behind.

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