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First Aid Bytes 2

First aid bytes to play for health knowledge.

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First Aid Bytes 2

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  1. Urgent Care First Aid Bytes (2)

  2. Which should you use to clean a dog bite wound? Answer: a a. Soap and waterb. Antiseptic creamc. Waterd. Nothing

  3. For how long should you wash an animal bite? Answer: c a. 1 minuteb. 10 secsc. 15 minsd. Do not wash

  4. Which of the following is the best treatment for someone who is feeling faint? Answer: b Sit them in a comfortable position. Lay them down with legs elevated Give a warm sweet drink Try and keep them moving around to maintain circulation

  5. Which organ’s blood supply is affected by a stroke? Answer: c a. Heart b. Liver c. Brain d. Lungs

  6. An unconscious casualty should be placed in the recovery position to: Answer: b a) Stop them vomiting b) Protect the airway c) Keep them comfortable d) Prevent shock

  7. How long should you blow into the mouth during mouth to mouth ventilations to ensure full inflation? Answer: d a. 4 secondsb. 3 secondsc. 2 secondsd. 1 second

  8. Upon discovering an accident in the car park your first priority would be to: Answer: d a. Reassure casualtyb. Ensure all equipment needed is availablec. Take names of witnessesd. Ensure safety

  9. An accident victim has watery blood leaking from his ear - what would you suspect is wrong? Answer: c a. Ear Injuryb. Blood is from other woundsc. Head Injuryd. Ear infection

  10. For a person who has suddenly become unconscious what should you do? Answer: d a. Make him lie down and put a pillow beneath his neckb. Make him lie down and force some water in his mouthc. Do not allow him to lie down d. Make him lie down and see if he is breating

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