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  1. Mexico

  2. 'Trash for food' at Mexico City barter market • A new barter market in Mexico City is helping residents trade their trash for food in an effort to reduce the mountain of waste produced by the mega city. • Mexico City's huge, infamous BordoPoniente landfill site was receiving 12,600 tons of waste a day -- one and a quarter times the weight of the Eiffel Tower -- before it was shut down in December last year. But although the landfill it is no longer in operation, the city keeps churning out trash. • The Mercado de Trueque encourages people to recycle paper, glass and plastic • Jose Luis Aranda is one of thousands of locals who are now making regular visits to the market held once a month in the city's Chapultepec Park. Aranda brings along glass, plastic and cardboard waste, which is separated and weighed. He is then given vouchers, which can be exchanged at a nearby farmers' market. • The vendors at the market hail from local farms, adding the benefit of attracting shoppers to locally produced food.

  3. Vocabulary Recycling: convert (waste) into reusable material. Barter: exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services. Churning: produce something in large quantities and without thought. Etymology: an account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word. Indigenous: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

  4. Mexico’s Recycling Program

  5. General Facts on Mexico City name: Mexico Population: 110.81 million people Language Spoken: Spanish and 68 indigenous languages Currency: Peso Mexican dishes: corn, hot peppers (chiles), and beans, products Mexico’s Independence Day: September 16, 1810 90% Mexicans are Roman Catholics

  6. Mexican Family Values Mexican Gift Giving Etiquette  Mexican table manners Business Meeting Etiquette

  7. Bullfighting Day of the Dead Piñatas

  8. What are some of the cultures and traditions that define France? • Are you expected to take gifts when you are invited to someone’s house in France? • In Mexico you are expected to open your gift immediately. Is it the same in France? • What are some of the business etiquettes in France? • List some common table manners from around the world? • Slide 8 • Do you have a day dedicated to the dead/souls in France? What do you’ll do? • What is the most popular sport in France? • What is bullfighting? • What is a piñatas? Do you know how it is made? • What do you like in particular about the Mexican culture and tradition?